“I’m Running for Mayor”

Battle for the CHARACTER of our City

Join the Battle.

The 2021 race for Cincinnati Mayor is the most consequential of our time. This is a battle for the character of our city. Cincinnati was named after Lucius Cincinnatus, a simple Roman citizen who served excellently in the shortest term of a statesman. By contrast, our politicians seek careers in public service as they erode all elements of virtue through their faulty decision-making. Here are our policy positions:

Policy 1: Opportunity for All

Policy 2: Community Desirability

Policy 3: Business and Enterprise
Policy 4: Quality Leadership
Policy 5: Transit Excellence
Policy 6: Transparency and Good Government
Policy 7: Jobs and Health
Policy 8: Housing and Home Ownership
Policy 9: Youth, Arts, and Culture
Policy 10: Equality and Inclusiveness
Policy 11: Students and Families
Policy 12: Public Safety and Justice

My vision is to establish good government practices, address issues through better government policies, and champion principles that position us to be the best government. We can make Cincinnati a flourishing first class city in one term only. We have character. We are Cincinnatian. We offer leadership. Let us make Cincinnati a shiny city where the vision, issues, and principles that we fight for form a platform of new possibility. We are a city on the verge of good, better, and best! As your One-Term Mayor, I will break the back of corruption and take this city over the top. Like Cincinnatus, I know what my objective is and what this era requires – virtue. Join this battle for the character of Cincinnati and vote Najoli for One-Term Mayor.


Challenges, Expectations, Opportunities

I have been impacted by the challenges of Cincinnati, the expectations of residents, and opportunities of leadership. My CINCY 2021 platform is what we need to move forward, be first, and lead as a city. Download your own copy and share widely with others. As your one-term Mayor of Cincinnati I will put people over party, politics, profit, and pander. I will end the pain of corruption. Let us win this battle for the character of our city.

We are CINCY !!

We are a city of
Character, Integrity, Neighborliness, Creativity, and Youthfulness (CINCY)!!
In 2021 vote Najoli for One-Term Mayor.

The Candidate

I am a husband, father, sports coach (soccer, basketball, and track/field), educator, public servant, and author. I live in West Price Hill. Reach out:


The Campaign

Friends of Najoli is a team of family and friends. As a first-generation immigrant, I am humbled by the stewardship entrusted to me for this effort to bring positive change to our city. Please make a donation to support this remarkable campaign. Mail a check made out to ‘Friends of Najoli” to:

Friends of Najoli
PO Box 7112
Cincinnati, OH 45205

You can also donate online to

See our DONATE page for rules.

The Chance

We have a chance to do something special in 2021. May the message of this campaign ring out throughout Cincinnati. This is our time to transform our city’s image from good to better to best. We can accomplish in this season of Cincinnati’s existence a more perfect expression of the character of our city. It is time to do something special really well. Our actions in 2021 will set us on a great trajectory for the future of our city. We can be the leaders we were meant to be. Reach out:

(513)-LEADERS (532-3377)