Coronavirus Desiderata

Many have delighted in the wisdom and tranquility offered by the Desiderata for many years. Max Ehrmann’s poem speaks for all time. With all that is going on globally today, I believe it would serve us well to have a new angle of the poem. Feel free to use the poem in creative calligraphy prints and posters to share as you wish. All I request is that you add the copyright notices at the very bottom. I have used an acrostic of the word CORONAVIRUS to produce this 2020 version. Here’s the poem:

Cultivate humility amid all the confusion and social distancing, remember that you are human. To the best of your ability, devoid of all pretense, maintain a deep love for others.

Observe empathy as you engage and interact with others; showing how much you care and see things from their perspective.

Raise resilience for environments, conversations, and situations that vex your spirit. Choose not to react to situations and people but rather to respond with wisdom and calm that is of a higher order.

Offer maturity in the face of rampant stupidity and ignorance that seeks to divide and exploit individuals. Choose to soar above ideologies that seek your downfall.

Nurture authenticity in just being you. Let your thinking be grounded in a robust pursuit of ideals for the common good that elevates the community in this moment of tremendous crisis.

Activate niceness for all people, knowing that nastiness and rudeness may be the order of the day at all levels of society. Be the one who is a hero of virtue, boldly seeking to move forward, be first, and lead.

Visualize joy that is never-ending; seeking every opportunity to share a smile, uplift a soul, and inspire spirits. Be a dealer in hope, a peddler of possibility, and vendor of optimism.

Inspire understanding based on the depth of your good living, gracefully embracing your call to serve others.

Reconcile mission and detachment so that the culture of quarantine does not hinder you from playing to your strengths at a time of misfortune. Where there is no vision, purpose perishes.

Unleash belief that sparks the imagination of society. We are all children of a future that is fast rushing toward us. Let your light shine and ignite newness.

Stimulate aspirations that do not rely on incentives but are rooted in intrinsic motivation. Keep your heart well-centered and independent of the corruption of life, keep peace with all humans. Be equipped for the moment. Life is good.

By Herman Najoli © 2020. Inspired by Max Ehrmann © 1927

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