My opponents are right about two things but wrong about many things

Dr. Najoli at Smale Riverfront Park in March 2020

Late last month, on the last day of August, my opponents both made a splash with articles published in the Enquirer. The distinguished gentleman from Indian Hill had an article published online at 9:32 am in which he shared his opinion that one opponent is missing in action on the key issues in Hamilton County. Quick on the heels of that article was the publication, at 9:33 am, of an opinion by the distinguished lady from Bond Hill in which she shared her opinion that she is the most qualified to help Hamilton County bounce back. After carefully perusing both articles, anyone who read both articles should easily be able to resolve that my opponents are right about two things.

Let us start with the distinguished gentleman from Indian Hill. His major premise is that we as a county are dealing with an unprecedented crisis. The minor premise that he sprinkles throughout the article is that given the situation at hand, his opponent – the distinguished lady from Bond Hill, should voice her positions on the current county issues. He concludes that since the distinguished lady from Bond Hill is clearly more interested in national politics, she is a “career politician with an eye on the next higher office”. The distinguished gentleman from Indian Hill is right about the dire moment that we live in but there are some fallacies that I will get to herein.

Next was the opinion piece by the distinguished lady from Bond Hill. She started by stating that “It’s time we focus on what is essential for citizens throughout Hamilton County, the state and the nation – HOW TO SURVIVE!” This statement by itself falls right into the truth of exactly what the gentleman from Indian Hill argued, she is more interested in state and national politics than serving locally. Moving beyond that truth, her major premise is captured by her use of capital letters – this is a time to help citizens learn ‘HOW TO SURVIVE’. The minor premise throughout the article is that she knows how to survive and without her, the citizens who ‘need help’ will not survive. She concludes by stating that she is most qualified to help the county ‘bounce back’ through a mantra of ‘ONE Hamilton County’. The distinguished lady is right about the need for unity but there are some fallacies that I address below.

Both of my opponents are career politicians and were both vice-mayors of their respective cities – the gentleman from Indian Hill was vice-mayor of Mariemont from 2011 to 2012 while the lady from Bond Hill was vice-mayor of Cincinnati from 2002 to 2007. In fact, the distinguished lady ran for mayor in 2005 and lost in the primary, managing a paltry 15% of the vote. So, the idea of trying to pit one as a career politician and the other as not, falls apart. Both are established career politicians. If the measure of success is ascendancy to higher office, then both failed since they never made it to be mayors of their respective cities after being vice mayors. Let us speak truth. I am the only candidate with a background outside politics. That is what we need right now.

I do not have the space to go into how my opponents are wrong on many issues. Let me highlight a few. First, selling Paul Brown Stadium is a fallacy and you know it. Do not fall for it. It comes from the Guy Guckenberger businessman playbook of 1996. That deal was shiny and too good like this one but today we have the chance to think twice! Second, public service is like baseball. One goes from first base, to second base, to third base, and finally home. First base is local politics. Second base is state politics. Third base is national politics, Home is retirement or another profession. When a runner keeps trying to run back from second base to first base, there is a problem going on and a good manager should yank that runner off the field.

Hamilton County, do we genuinely want to win in 2020 and beyond? Do we really want to lead other counties? Do we honestly want to be first? Are we serious about moving forward? To the distinguished lady from Bond Hill, no one wants to bounce back. Where? Into the past? We are in a new normal. We want a new future! To the distinguished gentleman from Indian Hill, leadership is not about being a voice on current issues. It is about charting a path to the future! Leadership is about being visionary, not being present! To the distinguished voters of Hamilton County, I will go as far as saying that this is the most important election in the 230-year history of Hamilton County. You have the first Independent here to ever submit more than double the required number of signatures. You have a distinguished gentleman here from West Price Hill with a passion to serve. You have a doctoral graduate here with the most detailed platform ever produced by a candidate for commissioner. Download your own copy. You may never ever have voted Independent, but this role is nonpartisan. Distinguished friends, I am the most EQUIPPED candidate. I will be the greatest COMMISSIONER in the 230-year history of our county. I will be highly ACTIVE in all our communities.  I will ACE the role of Hamilton County Commissioner. I give you my word and I stand by it. Vote Najoli for Commissioner.

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