If – A poem by Dr. Herman Najoli

If – A poem by Dr. Herman Najoli

If you have a sense of wanting change at City Hall,
   And are tired by the status quo governing Cincy;
If you are fundamentally uncomfortable and troubled,
   By the state of our local government and council;
If you are sickened by political posturing and platitudes,
   And bored by the shenanigans of elected officials;
If you want to end the bad era of business-as-usual,
   By ushering in a complete break from the past.

If you seek leadership that is grounded in character,
   Or are turned off by the awful culture of corruption;
If you want a non-politician who will model the way,
   Or are yearning for someone who will inspire hearts;
If you desire a leader who despises self-advancement,
   Or are eager to disrupt the dangerous dysfunction;
If you hate the toxicity that has infested our public lives,
   Or are appalled by the graft that is consuming us.

If you dream of a new beginning of ethical wisdom,
   That is transformative, inspiring, and visionary;
If you are tired of small change and want bold changes,
   That will restore our shine as a jewel in the Midwest;
If you want someone who will put city residents first,
   And help small businesses and startups thrive;
If you want a city where public safety is prioritized,
   And our basic services are efficiently streamlined.

If you boldly embrace a courageous and brilliant path,
   By voting for an untainted outsider of local politics;
If you pass the mayoral baton wisely and smartly,
   By voting for an educator with a remarkable mind;
If you challenge the processes of traditional thinking,
   By voting for an Independent citizen who loves Cincinnati;
If you believe that it is time for good government principles,
   By electing the only candidate who has a four-year plan.

With the marking of a pen and the stroke of a signature,
   You can be a difference maker for a legacy of impact,
Since early voting starts April 6, let us shape our future,
   We can chart a new direction on May 4 by electing Najoli.
Then Yours will be the greatest mayoral term in our city,
   Dr. Herman J. Najoli will serve with honesty and integrity,
And Ours will be a full four-year term of a laser focus on Cincy,
   One in which the public good is valued above everything.

By Herman Najoli © 2021. Inspired by Rudyard Kipling © 1943

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