Harnessing and Engaging Remarkable Minds to Align and Nurture their
Natural Abilities for Joyous Outcomes through Leadership and Inclusion.

Dr. Herman Jumba Najoli:
– a father, a friend, and a futurist.

As a father, HERMAN is humorous, endearing, responsible, motivational, adventurous, and noble. These values are nurtured in the context of family.

As a friend, JUMBA enjoys sharing his joy, understanding, mission, beliefs, and aspirations. These virtues are modeled in the context of fun.

As a futurist, NAJOLI celebrates being a navigator in the present, architect of tomorrow, joint problem-solver, outcomes researcher, leader of change, and independent thinker. These values and virtues are exemplified in the context of feedback.

Dr. Herman J. Najoli is a father, a friend, and a futurist. Learn more at drnajoli.com. Thank you for your friendship.

The Leader Qualities of HERMAN

Dr. Najoli has prioritized his development as a leader for many years. His manifest leader qualities emerge from the letters in his first name, HERMAN. The leader qualities are:

Humility – This has emerged from a life of faith expressed in daily life.

Empathy – This has emerged from a passion for people and service.

Resilience – This has emerged from navigating unique challenges.

Maturity – This has emerged from multicultural, global interactions.

Authenticity – This has emerged from embracing wisdom virtues.

Niceness – This has emerged from listening and valuing others more.

The Public Service Values of NAJOLI

Herman has been a public servant for many years in the education and nonprofit sectors. His manifest public servant qualities emerge from the letters in his last name, NAJOLI. The public servant qualities are:

Neighborliness – This has emerged from being inviting and welcoming.

Accountability – This has emerged from seeking and applying feedback.

Joint problem-solving – This has emerged from collaborative partnering.

Objective & others-oriented – This has emerged from pursuing good.

Leadership minded focus – This has emerged from a daily study of leaders.

Inclusive in approach – This has emerged from developing connection.

Dr. Herman J. Najoli, PO Box 7112, Cincinnati, OH 45205

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