Who is Dr. Najoli?

I am a Citizen of Cincinnati, Educator of others, and Outsider of politics. See the overview below then follow the A.B.O.U.T. drop-down links above for a fuller story.


As a regular citizen, I am highly equipped to represent you as we together turn Cincinnati into a nexus where impossible dreams become reality. Settling in Price Hill has been the joy of my citizenship. My beloved Westside neighborhood has offered me numerous opportunities for volunteering and serving our city. I love Cincinnati.


As an outstanding educator, I have the intellectual smarts for unifying our city toward a future of economic excellence. I have a bachelor of arts in economics and commerce, two masters degrees, and a doctoral degree in organizational leadership. I will bring my academic acumen to the mayorship and win this battle for the character in our city.


As an innovative outsider, I offer a robust perspective that will bring about the change that we need. In this city of immigrants with a rich blend of diverse cultures and traditions, we need a multinational mindset that elevates acceptance and equality for all. It is time for a new mind, new eyes, and a new voice of the people.

Public Servant in Education and Nonprofit Sectors

In the education sector, I have served as a high school teacher in Gypsum, CO; a family teacher in Omaha, NE; and a university professor in Cincinnati, OH. As an educator my passion is to see the growth and development of students and adult learners into excellent intellectuals who have the capacity to make impact in their communities. This passion prompted me to pursue my Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership, completing my dissertation on Wisdom and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Leaders.

In the non-profit sector, I have served as a youth development specialist in Garden Valley, TX; a program specialist in Springfield, MA; a program manager in Nashville, TN; and a case management leader in Cincinnati, OH. As a non-profit leader my motivation is to model servanthood. My passion for service was highlighted when I was named a winner of the Forty Under 40 Award by the Cincinnati Business Courier in September 2015 for my work in helping homeless men get off the street, enter shelters, and rapidly find housing. This work was highlighted in my recent book Public Servants in Government, Education, and Nonprofit Sectors.

Character, Excellence, and Optimism

My husband will guide our city well. I call him Mr. Character and Mr. Excellence. He has the heart and wisdom that we need.

L. Danyetta Najoli
Executive leader, Friends of Najoli

My buddy helped me when I was homeless and visited me in hospital solo almost weekly for a whole year! Elect Mr. Optimism!

James Thompson
Field leader, Friends of Najoli

We need higher R.O.I from elected officials

It is time for a higher return on investment (R.O.I.) from our elected officials. We have learned from the failed, awful leadership of the past. Public service is about the greater good – certainly not profit and not pander. It is time for a regular guy, outstanding thinker, and innovative leader (R.O.I) for Mayor of Cincinnati. I will serve only one term and you will get the highest return on investment. In 2021 vote Najoli for One-Term Mayor.

The Candidate

Reach out:

(513)-LEADERS (532-3377)

Friends of Najoli
PO Box 7112
Cincinnati, OH 45205

The Champion

This magnificent lady from Harlem, N.Y., Mrs. L. Danyetta Najoli (formerly Dawson), is the reason for this season of my life. I never envisioned accomplishing many of the things that I have but she is a champion for me and for our family. She is a champion for individuals with different abilities, a champion for women, a champion for community, and a champion for people from all walks of life.

The Children

My children are the absolute joy of my life. My son is passionate about all sports and will outlast any competitor on the field or court. My daughter is passionate about the arts and loves telling stories. My gratitude knows no bounds.

Social Media

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