An EQUIPPED candidate

Among all that are running for Commissioner, I am the most EQUIPPED: Educated, Qualified, Unlikely, Independent, Public servant, Pioneering, Engaging, Devoted. Read more below.

Educated supporter

As an academic, I support learners of all ages. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Economics and a minor in Commerce from the University of Nairobi (2000). I graduated from the Honor Academy Leadership Internship in Garden Valley, TX (2002). I have two Masters degrees, one in Organizational Leadership from Regent University (2004), and the other in Advanced Leadership Studies from Indiana Wesleyan University (2009).

I hold a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University having completed a 245-page dissertation on Wisdom and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Leaders (2012) which may be downloaded here: Doctoral Dissertation (4.52 MB). I am firmly at grips with how cognitive, affective, and reflective dimensions of wisdom correlate to the altrusim, conscientiousness, sportsmanship, courtesy, and civic virtue of citizenship behavior.

In Hamilton County, 37% of residents have a Bachelors degree or higher. Out of these 22 % have a masters degree. Of those with advanced education, 4% have a doctoral degree. I have the educational acumen to serve as commissioner and will support learning in all sectors and levels throughout Hamilton County.

Qualified successor

Research on succession systems has uncovered the roles of leader development, group wisdom, and organizational citizenship behavior as foundational qualifiers. My doctoral dissertation provides correlations between these leadership constructs. My assessment has shown that for the upcoming term, commissioners will need to be individuals with 12 clear leader qualities (see Question 12 in Ask Dr. Najoli).

I am prepared to receive from the people the trust confided to my illustrious predecessor, Mr. Todd Portune. I personally collected more than 9,000 signatures over a two-year period to petition for the ballot. My resilience is demonstrated by the fact that I submitted more than double the requirement. My team believes that this is the highest number of signatures ever submitted by a candidate to run for any office in Hamilton County.

As an organizational leader, I was instrumental in the relocation of an organization from Over-the-Rhine to Queensgate. Services were expanded by more than 33%. New clients were engaged, doubling the capacity. I am a qualified successor ready to create and sustain high performing systems in Hamilton County.

Unlikely settler

The greatest of leaders have always been individuals who have come from the most unlikely of places. They bring a freshness of perspective that multiplies the value of their beloved adopted region. In The Medici Effect, Frans Johansson argues that intersectionalist leaders who have ideas from at least three different cultural backgrounds bring about the greatest regional innovations. I am an unlikely settler in Price Hill and therefore the greatest underdog to ever run for public service. I love the history of Price Hill, first as an enchanting hamlet, and now as an urban community with sweeping views of the Ohio River Valley. My favorite historical Price Hillians are two Germans, a blacksmith named Herman, renowned for his strength, who lived in the Warsaw hamlet in the early 1800s, and a prosperous baker named Herman who owned a huge home in Price Hill in the 1950s.

My family’s service and patriotism shines through our volunteering in the St. William School and Parish family (Athletic Association, Education Commission, PTO, Fish fry, Festivals, etc.), lay leadership at Heritage Community Church (Men’s group, Sunday school, etc.), membership in the West Price Hill Community Council, and being Parent Ambassadors for the Cincinnati Squash Academy (CSA). I have been instrumental in publishing numerous stories of Westside community programs in the local press. I have helped to champion youth development and exposure. I have the insights for cultivating impact throughout Hamilton County.

Independent smarts

I have the calm personality expected of a Commissioner and is the most ideal candidate for this non-partisan role. I have produced the most comprehensive platform ever proposed by a candidate running for Hamilton County Commissioner. My strategic vision, master-plan, and call to the future is stellar.

My productivity shines through my four books and doctoral work, being the first in my family to attain a terminal degree. I am fiercely independent with a passion to work smarter for all the people. I believe that Hamilton County can burst onto the world stage with lightning speed similar to Usain Bolt bursting on to the Olympic Scene in 2008. Let’s do this!

As Commissioner, I will work with the Hamilton County Genealogical Society (HCGS) to develop a granular understanding of records and zip codes. We will learn how to develop neighborhood strategies that are focused and based on quality research. I have the independent smarts for being the next Hamilton County Commissioner.

Public servant

My public industriousness as a servant leader is evident. I served youth at the Honor Academy in Garden Valley, TX; taught at Eagle Valley High School in Gypsum, CO; supported individuals through the May Institute in Springfield, MA; supervised group homes with Volunteers of America in Nashville, TN; labored as a family teacher at Boys and Girls Town in Omaha, NE; mentored underperforming elementary students as a character coach with Winners Walk Tall; empowered the homeless through City Gospel Mission; and served foster youth families through Hamilton Choices.

Additionally, I have instructed Global Issues and International Business courses at the associates and undergraduate levels through Indiana Wesleyan University in Batesville, IN; Dayton, OH; and West-Chester, OH. Public servants in the education arena are dedicated to excellence as innovative teachers and I have demonstrated incremental process flow enhancements for students.

In every organization, I have produced foundational changes that have elevated operations and administration. The gains from my touch have multiplied value for many organizations. I have the public service credentials for being elected the next Hamilton County Commissioner.

Pioneering spirit

A pioneer is someone who forges ahead and makes their home in new territory. A fun way to view me is as a CADILLAC trailblazer because I am pioneering in eight different ways:

  • Certified nonpartisan – First absolute non-partisan to ever be certified for Commissioner by the Board of Elections;
  • African-American candidate – First African-American male to ever appear on the General Election ballot for Commissioner;
  • Doctoral degree – First holder of a Doctoral degree in leadership to run for Commissioner in Hamilton County;
  • Independent nominee – First Independent to succeed to be on the ballot as an aspirant to be Commissioner in the entire 230-year history of Hamilton County.
  • Leading seeker – First contestant to pick up petitions for the 2020 County Commissioner race in April 2019.
  • Local westsider – First local resident of Price Hill to make it to the General Election for Commissioner in recent years;
  • American immigrant – First known American immigrant to run for Commissioner in Hamilton County;
  • Citizen elector – First American citizen of Kenyan descent to run for elected office in the history of the State of Ohio.

Pioneers are optimistic. They are not doubters. They blaze trails. I have the pioneer spirit for enabling Hamilton County to move forward, be first, and lead.

Engaging soul

Many students, vulnerable persons, and residents have already experienced my engaging personality. I am a winner of the Forty Under 40 Award (September 2015) hosted by the Cincinnati Business Courier. I have served on the WCPO Community Advisory Board and currently on the Hamilton County Tax Incentive Review Commission (TIRC). I have a joyous personality and friendly manner. My top five motivational gifts are teacher, ruler, encourager, perceiver, and server.

My personality and foundations of leadership development have bubbled to the surface, inspiring me to broaden my public service interests from education and nonprofits to local government. My latest book, Public Servants in Government, Education, and Nonprofit Sectors captures my heart for the power of good leadership in transformational work. I am working on another book, Being HAMILTONIAN: Stories from the 2020 Campaign to be released in 2021.

Numerous other individuals have engaged in signature-gathering efforts. Many did not succeed. I did and know how to connect with large swaths of the population. I have the engaging soul needed for the next Hamilton County Commissioner.

Devoted shepherd

I am a devoted shepherd to two children, nicknamed Champ (14) and Sparkle (10). As a standard-bearer for these two awesome sprouts, I nurture them and any other youth and children in my care as a father and mentor – just like how a good shepherd tends to his sheep. I grew up on my father’s farm in a small village watching good husbandry and have embraced those principles. My wife is a jewel and together we labor in love to edify, build, and encourage others with a high level of knowledge, awareness, commitment, and guidance.

Additionally, I am a two-term volunteer coach with FC Cincinnati’s West End Pride youth soccer team. I coach soccer, basketball, and track & field at three different Westside catholic grade schools (St. William, St. Lawrence, and St, Catherine); and I lead international youth development trips to Western Kenya where sports and learning equipment are distributed freely to village kids to inspire their dreams.

A good shepherd manages resources well and guides during transitions. As a devoted shepherd, I relate with people sacrificially, honestly, ethically, purposefully, healthily, encouragingly, responsibly, and dutifully. I am the devoted shepherd that we need as the next Hamilton County Commissioner.

On November 3, 2020 please vote for and elect an individual who is Educated, Qualified, Unlikely, Independent, Public servant, Pioneering, Engaging, and Devoted to be the greatest Hamilton County Commissioner ever, Dr. Herman Najoli. Vote Herman. Elect Najoli.

Seize the moment!
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