Five Marks of a Great Mayor for City of Cincinnati

Cincinnatians, over the course of our great city’s existence, we have had sixty-nine mayors. Each passing of the baton of leadership, from one mayor to the next one, has given us moments of tremendous significance for the citizens of Cincinnati. Five moments have been especially impactful and noteworthy. These are what we can name theContinue reading “Five Marks of a Great Mayor for City of Cincinnati”

If – A poem by Dr. Herman Najoli

If you have a sense of wanting change at City Hall,   And are tired by the status quo governing Cincy;If you are fundamentally uncomfortable and troubled,   By the state of our local government and council;If you are sickened by political posturing and platitudes,   And bored by the shenanigans of elected officials;If you want to endContinue reading “If – A poem by Dr. Herman Najoli”

Transcript of a Conversation with Courtis Fuller

Courtis Fuller: Meet Herman Najoli. He is an educator and author, a soccer, basketball, and track coach. And last year, a candidate for Hamilton County commissioner. Herman Najoli: I decided to run for mayor of Cincinnati because of the terrible situation that our city found itself in last year. Last year, this time, I wasContinue reading “Transcript of a Conversation with Courtis Fuller”

Why I Favor the Charter Amendment

At a recent City Council meeting, a debate stewed at Plum Street regarding the proposed affordable housing charter amendment. Incredibly early the next day, I received an email from Council Member David Mann in which he asked me to sign a statement in opposition. It stated, ‘As candidates for the office of Mayor of Cincinnati,Continue reading “Why I Favor the Charter Amendment”

In Search of Culture Leaders for Cincinnati Politics

Recently, in an opinion piece titled, The Trouble with Cincinnati Politics, I outlined seven problems. In this post, I invite you to consider seven best practices targeted at addressing the problems. The collective practices emerge from corresponding first letters from the words ‘culture’ and ‘leaders’ to outline adaptable systemic changes for our local politics. HereContinue reading “In Search of Culture Leaders for Cincinnati Politics”

The Trouble with Cincinnati Politics

Local politics in Cincinnati is in very rough waters. Our city was named after a highly respected Roman statesman, Cincinnatus, in the hope that it would be a shiny city – the Queen city – the crown jewel of the Midwest. Unfortunately, as we cross into the 21st year of the 21st century, our cityContinue reading “The Trouble with Cincinnati Politics”

Battle for the Character of our City

Intro by Mrs. Danyetta Najoli On a cold wintry day with a mix of rain and snow, Dr. Herman Najoli embraces the legendary Roman farmer, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, as he launches a new campaign. This location, on the grounds of Sawyer Point at Yeatman’s Cove in Downtown Cincinnati, with the Central Business District to theContinue reading “Battle for the Character of our City”

Ten Trade-offs Worth Making in Greater Cincinnati Politics

Can Cincinnati become a shiny city? My family and friends pondered this question over our Thanksgiving meal while watching football. We did this under the backdrop of recent scandals that have rocked our political landscape and made our city a national embarrassment. After reflecting on the ideas that were shared, I have concluded that GreaterContinue reading “Ten Trade-offs Worth Making in Greater Cincinnati Politics”

Thank You Hamilton County

As the dust settles on the 2020 race for Hamilton County Commissioner, I must express my gratitude. The words of poet Joseph Brodsky, in a poem written on his fortieth birthday, have always inspired me: “Yet till brown clay be crammed down my larynx, only gratitude will be gushing from it” (May 24, 1980).  InContinue reading “Thank You Hamilton County”