Our BATTLE plan

My leadership will enable Cincinnati to become the character city of the United States – a center of business and economic excellence; an international juggernaut of education and sporting events; a thriving metropolis of growing residents and home ownership; and a youthful place that cultivates equity and human potential. This document outlines how this will happen in ONE TERM ONLY.

But first, the crisis.

Cincinnati is in a deep crisis. We are being slammed on all sides. We have COVID-19 coming at us combined with decades of systemic inequities along with corruption that have put our city in peril. The Queen City of the Midwest has lost the shine that once graced its crown. My unparalleled Cincy 2021 platform demonstrates a vibrant grasp of what needs to be done. As we battle for the character of our city through the elimination of dysfunction and corruption at City Hall, we will revive this great city. I know and understand that, like the Roman statesman Cincinnatus demonstrated, public service is for a season and must be accomplished with precision for the public good.

Our BATTLE plan consists of five phases:

  • Phase 1: First 100 days – Build foundations for CINCINNATIAN issues.
  • Phase 2: Year One – Activate good leader behaviors in city leadership.
  • Phase 3: Year Two – Trigger numerous wins through culture leaders.
  • Phase 4: Year Three – Transform city politics through a focus on people.
  • Phase 5: Year Four – Leverage achievements through broad-based action.
  • Phase 6: Last 100 Days – Equip culture leaders for the future of Cincinnati. 

Download your copy of the full plan below:

Please share this simple PDF document with family and friends.

It is a truism that only a non-partisan, independent candidate will bring the kind of change that we need. I cherish your vote. My name is Dr. Herman J. Najoli and I am your friend.

Dr. Herman J. Najoli

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