Campaign V.I.P.

My philosophical platform consists of:

Vision for good-government practices,
Issues based on better-government policies, and
Principles to position us as the best-government.

A brief summary is provided below.
Detailed summaries are provided underneath.
Downloadable file is provided at the bottom of the page.


Good government

2021 is our year to move beyond the past and establish a vision of the 9 CHARACTER practices that will form the foundation of good government in our beloved city. Join our remarkable campaign and let us win this battle to restore Cincinnati into a city with shiny citizens. Read more.


Better government

This is our time to focus on key issues and unify our city behind 12 CINCINNATIAN policies that inspire a better government for our families and friends. The time has come to unleash the queen city and shape it into the crown jewel of the Midwest where dreams become reality. Read more.


Best government

After the failures we have seen recently, we need principles for a future in which 10 LEADERSHIP positions are activated as a bedrock for the best government locally. A Najoli administration will carve out a niche for Cincinnati as a glorious city where all residents thrive. Read more.


Cincinnati will be the CHARACTER city!

A Najoli mayorship will feature 9 good-government practices of CHARACTER. Each of these form the bedrock of the Checklist of Good Leader Behaviors which I will review monthly with each City Council member. The nine CHARACTER practices are:

Civic virtue

Humble warriorship

Authentic accountability

Responsible duty

Authority limits

Courageous followership

Transformative service

Ethical stewardship

Respectful modesty

These 9 practices will be detailed in my Spring YouTube Fireside Chats CHARACTER (FCC) series.

Among those running for Mayor of Cincinnati in 2021, Dr. Herman J. Najoli has the most solid platform. His career as an educator and public servant spans several decades, states, sectors, and continents. He will be a one-term mayor then return to academia. Vote Najoli for Mayor.


To pursue policies for all that are CINCINNATIAN

A Najoli mayorship will focus on 12 better government policies that address distinct CINCINNATIAN issues. Our city has 12 unique challenges. My campaign has 12 expectations related to each challenge. Voting Najoli for Mayor will offer us the opportunity to meet these expectations. My CEO leadership format below addresses the 12 CINCINNATIAN issues:

C – Champion access to opportunity for all residents

Challenge: Many Cincinnatians lack access to opportunity.
Expectation: I will work diligently for every single resident’s success.
Opportunity: When you vote Najoli for Mayor, you are voting for your success. As a nonpartisan leader, I support the success of every single Cincinnatian. I will be on the forefront of providing path-goal leadership that champions the success of everyday regular citizens. I am not in this for the developers, the parties, the unions, or the special interests. I am in this for you. As I work with all citizens, regardless of background, I also want to help increase success for youth. Two initiatives will be the creation of Cincinnati Opportunity for Black and Brown Leadership Excellence (COBBLE) and Advisory Council for Helping Intellectual Enthusiasts, Visionaries, and Experimenters (ACHIEVE). Through these efforts, new information, analysis, and advice will be generated to facilitate deeper understanding and applicable strategies for achieving personal potential. Additionally, we will highlight the accomplishments of teams of phenomenal masterminds working together. We will end the language of poverty in Cincinnati and start focusing on opportunity. What we focus on expands. It is time to focus on excellence and achievement.

I – Improve desirability of our communities 

Challenge: Some of our communities have been forgotten.
Expectation: I will promote and labor tirelessly for all communities.
Opportunity: As Mayor, I will usher in a new era in which our city begins to equalize the desirability of all communities. I will advocate tirelessly for those communities that have been forgotten for many years. I will labor to ensure that every single community in Cincinnati ranks extremely high in desirability. We will do this by instituting volunteer community leadership think-tanks in each neighborhood. These think-tanks, Synergistic Unity Plans for People Engaged Responsibly (SUPPER), are a simple but effective practice that my family has been engaging in for many years. Residents within a community will band together to open their homes and rotate monthly invitations to neighbors for common suppers. Through SUPPER chapters, engaged families will be able to talk to each other about actions that they can take responsibly to improve their neighborhoods with city leadership help on quality of life things like litter, tall grass, and blight.

N – Nurture small and start-up business enterprises

Challenge: New businesses do not receive needed help and support.
Expectation: I will fight for small businesses and start-up enterprises.
Opportunity: I will push for the creation of unique Centers for Outstanding Business Readiness, Advancement, and Success (COBRAS). COBRAS will be located at leading corporations throughout the city and will ensure that entrepreneurial minds are being trained to succeed with their start-ups. COBRAS will be headed by the most remarkable business leaders in Cincinnati. Additionally, we have to offer help to the individuals who set up pop-up tables for business across the city. Help will be offered in terms of coaching and short-term or free rentals within more established shops that have additional space and are in related lines of enterprise. This will allow the small and start-up businesses a chance to catch up and thrive.  

C – Cultivate high-level leadership brilliance

Challenge: Our city lags due to lack of excellence in leadership.
Expectation: I will ensure that residents have brilliant leadership.
Opportunity: As Mayor, I will introduce a Board of Residents Intelligently Leveraging Leadership to Improve, Advance, and Nurture Talent (BRILLIANT) plan for Cincinnati. We cannot continue to have folly within leadership. It is time for brilliant leadership. In my own leadership as Mayor, I will develop a Council of Outstanding and Responsible Elders (CORE), which will guide the decision-making element of our city and provide the foundational base for leader coaching throughout the city. We want to advance respect for the wisdom of recognized elders within our community and allow them to remain engaged in city leadership to the extent that they are interested and available. When you vote Najoli, you are voting for a BRILLIANT CORE of Leadership.

I – Increase multimodal transit excellence

Challenge: Transport problems hamper working class citizens.
Expectation: I will extend transit options for our city and region.
Opportunity: I propose a Major Acceleration of a Network for Transit Leadership and Excellence (MANTLE) in Cincinnati. Through MANTLE, I will work diligently to develop and shape systems that facilitate the best transit city. We want a better run transportation system. My goal is to make Cincinnati a First-Class City in transit. I will work with the bus system to introduce one ticket that will be valid across the whole region, allowing riders to take as many journeys as they choose within a specific time frame. I propose we call this a Convenient Option Network Card for Extended Public Transportation (CONCEPT) card. Customers will be able to top up their CONCEPT card online, see their journey histories, and so much more. We will also ensure that our streets are designed well for bicycles and scooters. We will work to streamline ridesharing services.

N – Necessitate transparency and Good Leader Behaviors     

Challenge: Mismanagement at City Hall has fostered corruption.
Expectation: I will table new practices for government transparency.
Opportunity: Best of all, as Mayor, I will execute stringent transparency and ethics audits. My term will focus on making Cincinnati the character city. I will drive Council to follow recommendations for accountability and introduce a Checklist of Good Leader Behaviors for monthly review with elected officials. Follow the Fireside Chat CHARACTER series for more.

N – Nourish living-wage jobs growth and improved health

Challenge: Record levels of unemployment and poor health are hurting us.
Expectation: I will work to attract jobs and for better health in our city.
Opportunity: We will attract jobs to our city and limit the exodus of young professionals. We cannot afford the continual loss of talent. Our Office of Resident Advancement through Networked Growth, Entrepreneurial Creativity, and Investment in Neighborhoods for Commercial Innovation (ORANGECINCI) will offer practical job solutions that assure equity and are fiscally responsible for our city. I will focus on being the best steward of our health resources for the greater good of all by creating the Cincinnati Leadership Initiative for Nurturing and Championing Health (CLINCH).

A – Achieve affordable housing and home ownership    

Challenge: Increase in homelessness and evictions is troubling.
Expectation: I will work daily to add more housing units to the city.
Opportunity: Living in the heart of the city of Cincinnati, has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the need for good, quality housing. Having served many homeless men, I have a strong empathy for the work that should be done. We will strengthen the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, drive for more housing units, and revitalize our old housing stock.

T – Transform youth through an arts and culture vision        

Challenge: Our youth are not positioned for excellence in life.
Expectation: I will push for the advance of our arts and culture scene.
Opportunity: As Mayor, , I will launch a City Union for Robust Artistic & Cultural Yearning (CURACY) which will advocate for increased opportunities for individuals, both young and young-at-heart to develop their talents, for artists to showcase their talents, and for communities to pursue cultural elements that bring vitality to a way of life that is vibrant. CURACY will be an engine that advances social connection opportunities and learning that elevates quality of life. A key component will be to engage with faith-based leaders as we revitalize the culture components of our communities. I will work with leaders from the many different faith communities in our city to define approaches for transforming youth toward a more positive and vibrant lifestyle.

I – Identify inequalities and attract inclusive wisdom       

Challenge: Too many are excluded from experiencing citizenship.
Expectation: I will make Cincinnati a nexus for belongingness.
Opportunity: As Mayor, I will seek to establish a partnerships with institutions of higher learning for new innovative approaches for inclusion. I will create Signature Events for Visioning an Equity Nexus that Harnesses and Innovatively Leverages Leadership Solutions for a Lasting Agenda of Belongingness (SEVEN HILLS LAB or SHL). Its mission will be to develop seven magnificent events annually that showcase success efforts by forward focused groups on the forefront of making Cincinnati an equity nexus where equality thrives. We will ensure inclusiveness for women, minorities, the LGBTQ community, and immigrants of all backgrounds. Our City of Seven Hills, like the great city of Rome, will become a metropolis that shines on the global arena. In my first 100 days as Mayor, I will initiative this process as it is most vital to our present and future.

A – Address the needs of students and families by investing         

Challenge: Inefficiency and unreliable services show a lack of care.
Expectation: I plan to strengthen students and families in Cincinnati.
Opportunity: As an educator and family man, I see the need to strengthen students and families. We will launch a division that will facilitate this. The Cincinnati Operation for Maximum Performance, Assessment, and Support Services (COMPASS) will be a cutting-edge opportunity for students and families. COMPASS will be a highly motivated, results-oriented team who will drive our city forward and enable fathers, mothers, and children to thrive in every way possible. We will invest deeply as we explore every avenue possible for increasing performance, assessing our efforts, and supporting individuals both personally and within their families.

N – Normalize safety in all our neighborhoods

Challenge: We keep electing the same people yet crime is increasing.
Expectation: I will bring safety and stability to all our neighborhoods.
Opportunity: It is time to drastically increase safety in our city. We cannot continue to do the same old things we have always done and elect the same people who always run yet expect different results. Under my leadership as Mayor, we will be STRATEGIC in addressing safety:

  • Swift action – Moving quickly to address gaps and issues.
  • Trust cultivation – Strengthen community and law enforcement.   
  • Robust intervention – Implement vibrant Crisis Response Teams.
  • Agile systems – Accentuate our collaborative response models.
  • Transformative tools – Rooting intervention in 21st century models.
  • Elders input – Build a Council of Elders to advice and guide youth.
  • Generate solutions – Address mental health and trauma in society.
  • Improved road use – Apply data to increase safety in public areas.
  • Contextual benchmarking – Ideate commonalities from top cities.


To achieve the best principles of LEADERSHIP

A Najoli mayorship will be founded on 10 best government principles of LEADERSHIP. The citizens of Cincinnati want principle-centered leadership. As Mayor, I will labor, day and night, to cultivate a LEADERSHIP culture in government and throughout the city. The best governments operate based on noticeably clear leadership principles. In my development, there are 10 principles that have shaped me. Each of these are defined below:

Legacy of listening – Leadership is about listening, nothing more, nothing less. I have always prioritized listening. It is only through a legacy of listening that a leader can move a group forward.

Efficient economy – Leadership is about efficiency. A great economy is one that is not wasteful. The task of good leadership is to cultivate an efficient economy.

Aspire and achieve – Leadership is about aspiring for and achieving big things. I have always been TACTFUL meaning Test fast, Adjust fast, Change fast, Terminate fast, Fix fast, Unlearn fast, Learn fast.

Drive for destiny – Leadership is about a drive for destiny where government is viewed as Good, Optimistic, Visionary, Economical, Responsive, Nurturing, Motivational, Empowering, Navigational, and Transformational (GOVERNMENT).

Equality of persons – Leadership is about holding certain truths to be self-evident and among those is the truth that all persons are created equal.

Remarkable goodwill – Leadership is about doing the most ‘good’ for all people. My personal credo is, “Do the uncommon if need be, but by all means, stay remarkable”.

Strategic about success – Leadership is about being strategic for success. My strategy for success is the VIP platform. Great leadership requires a constant process of daily reviewing one’s strategy.

Heart of change – Leadership is about change. My change mantra is to harness and engage remarkable minds to align and nurture their natural abilities for joyous outcomes through leadership and inclusion.

Inspiring youth – Leadership is about inspiration. Particularly important is the need to inspire the next generation. As a sports coach and teacher for many years, I have always valued inspiring youth. That will be my primary objective as Mayor of Cincinnati.

Political centrism – Leadership is about service to all. I am a centrist. I am not on the right. I am not on the left. In all things, moderation is key. I am unaffiliated to any political party and see myself as a servant-leader for all.

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