Transcript of a Conversation with Courtis Fuller

Courtis Fuller: Meet Herman Najoli. He is an educator and author, a soccer, basketball, and track coach. And last year, a candidate for Hamilton County commissioner. Herman Najoli: I decided to run for mayor of Cincinnati because of the terrible situation that our city found itself in last year. Last year, this time, I wasContinue reading “Transcript of a Conversation with Courtis Fuller”

In Search of Culture Leaders for Cincinnati Politics

Recently, in an opinion piece titled, The Trouble with Cincinnati Politics, I outlined seven problems. In this post, I invite you to consider seven best practices targeted at addressing the problems. The collective practices emerge from corresponding first letters from the words ‘culture’ and ‘leaders’ to outline adaptable systemic changes for our local politics. HereContinue reading “In Search of Culture Leaders for Cincinnati Politics”

The Trouble with Cincinnati Politics

Local politics in Cincinnati is in very rough waters. Our city was named after a highly respected Roman statesman, Cincinnatus, in the hope that it would be a shiny city – the Queen city – the crown jewel of the Midwest. Unfortunately, as we cross into the 21st year of the 21st century, our cityContinue reading “The Trouble with Cincinnati Politics”

Ten Trade-offs Worth Making in Greater Cincinnati Politics

Can Cincinnati become a shiny city? My family and friends pondered this question over our Thanksgiving meal while watching football. We did this under the backdrop of recent scandals that have rocked our political landscape and made our city a national embarrassment. After reflecting on the ideas that were shared, I have concluded that GreaterContinue reading “Ten Trade-offs Worth Making in Greater Cincinnati Politics”

Running for Posterity’s Sake

Friends, we are all 𝗥𝗨𝗡𝗡𝗘𝗥𝗦 racing against time: Picture being in a grueling race and finally reaching that point where you turn a corner and behold!, the finish line is in sight! Today marks exactly two weeks to the finish line of this race for Commissioner. In launching my campaign, I hammered out 230-miles ofContinue reading “Running for Posterity’s Sake”

Voters Should Rebuke the Parties for that Awful 2008 Backroom Deal

Voters never forget. In 2008 the Hamilton County Democratic and Republican parties took away our right to vote for a commissioner. In an awful backroom deal, we saw a political game where the duopoly robbed us. This year we rebuke them. This election we say NO MORE to political games and backroom business deals. Rewrite the playbook and vote in the non-party candidate. Vote Najoli for Commissioner. …Read more by clicking on the link above.

My Husband will Serve Diligently and with a Touch of Excellence

This week we are celebrating the 57th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic ‘I have a dream speech.’ As we celebrate and make commitments to public service, my family is delighted to be on the verge of a great dream in Hamilton County. My husband, Dr. Herman Jumba Najoli, has just entered a new season of civic and public service! …Read more by clicking on the link above.

Protecting Democracy in Hamilton County: All Candidates Should be Included in All the Debates

Friends, we have come to that time of the campaign season where everyone is talking about debates, so I want to state my campaign’s position very clearly. All organizations in Hamilton County should always be doing everything they can to protect the great American experiment of democracy. All leaders and all citizens should always be working diligently to allow for full participation by their fellow leaders and citizens in all electoral processes.… Read more by clicking the title above.

What to the HAMILTONIAN is the Fourth of July?

Today is July Fourth, 2020. Happy Fourth of July! I am honored to be on the ballot this year and humbled to be walking in the footsteps of many who paved the way for me to be the first Independent and the first Black male to ever make it to the ballot for commissioner in Hamilton County’s 230-year history. So, for the next seven minutes or so, I want to talk on the topic, … Read more by clicking the title above.

Statement on George Floyd

As a young person growing up in Kenya, I never experienced racism. I did not know what racism was until I came to the United States. As a private resident in the US, whenever incidents of racism occurred, I made very few remarks since I was on a journey of understanding the country that I am now a citizen of and have a duty toward. … Read more by clicking the title above.