If – A poem by Dr. Herman Najoli

If you have a sense of wanting change at City Hall,   And are tired by the status quo governing Cincy;If you are fundamentally uncomfortable and troubled,   By the state of our local government and council;If you are sickened by political posturing and platitudes,   And bored by the shenanigans of elected officials;If you want to endContinue reading “If – A poem by Dr. Herman Najoli”

Thank You Hamilton County

As the dust settles on the 2020 race for Hamilton County Commissioner, I must express my gratitude. The words of poet Joseph Brodsky, in a poem written on his fortieth birthday, have always inspired me: “Yet till brown clay be crammed down my larynx, only gratitude will be gushing from it” (May 24, 1980).  InContinue reading “Thank You Hamilton County”

Six ACTIVE habits of a great commissioner

A journalist asked me recently, “What’s your favorite book?” I responded quickly, “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John Maxwell”. I have enjoyed many John Maxwell books. Most of my depth of leadership insight has emerged from doctoral study and research with organizational leaders across the country. In this posting, I want toContinue reading “Six ACTIVE habits of a great commissioner”

My opponents are right about two things but wrong about many things

Late last month, on the last day of August, my opponents both made a splash with articles published in the Enquirer. The distinguished gentleman from Indian Hill had an article published online at 9:32 am in which he shared his opinion that one opponent is missing in action on the key issues in Hamilton County.Continue reading “My opponents are right about two things but wrong about many things”