Character Statement

Here’s HOW I LEAD:

Honor the past, Optimize the present, Win the future

  • Honor the past – I LEAD by honoring:
    Legacies of past leaders like the first African American Mayor of Cincinnati, Theodore M. Berry, whose legacy is enshrined at Friendship Park.
    Exemplary leaders like Murray Seasongood, our Mayor from 1926 to 1930, founder of the Charter Party, and champion of good-government.
    Aspirations of great Cincinnatians like the first Mayor, Major David Ziegler, whose singular quest was a better government.
    Dreams of many past Cincinnatians whose only desire was that we root out corruption and have the best government.
  • Optimize the present – I LEAD by optimizing:
    Love of family through priorities that acknowledge the basic unit of society.
    Excellence of friendships that are cherished and valued through social time invested.
    Achievements of individuals who have a passion to make a difference and impact.
    Determination of groups that multiply value toward the transformation of community.
  • Win the future – I will LEAD by winning:
    Leverage for all of our communities, whether low-income, middle-class, or wealthy.
    Entrepreneurial excellence for all our businesses, whether startup, small, or large.
    Accomplishments for all workers, primarily essential workers and city employees.
    Daily success for all our youth, particularly those in grade school and high schools.

Let us honor the past, optimize the present, and win the future together. Let us LEAD!

My Values:

Leadership is about values. My personal leader qualities and public servant qualities demonstrate my character. These are:

Personal leader qualities: HERMAN

H – Humility – Being humble is foundational for good leadership. For me, humility has emerged from a life of faith expressed in daily life.

E – Empathy – Being able to see and experience another’s perspective is critical. For me, empathy has emerged from a passion for people and service.

R – Resilience – Being tough as a person is necessary because leading is difficult. For me, resilience has emerged from navigating unique challenges.

M – Maturity – Being aware of the right actions and behaviors for each moment is vital. For me, maturity has emerged from multicultural, global interactions.

A – Authenticity – Being a person of integrity and truth is important for an office holder. For me, authenticity has emerged from embracing wisdom virtues.

N – Niceness – Being an overall nice person is a crowning jewel of great leadership. For me, niceness has emerged from listening and valuing others more.

Public servant qualities: NAJOLI

N – Neighborliness – Being neighborly stems from an inherent belief in the dignity of all people. For me this has emerged from being inviting and welcoming to others who are different.

A – Accountability – Given their role as public servants, elected officials must be accountable. For me this has emerged from seeking and applying feedback that enables personal growth.

J – Joint problem-solving – As executors of public policy, elected officials must be able to work with others in developing solutions. For me this has emerged from collaborative partnering with remarkable minds.

O – Objective & others-oriented – Since they are representatives of a constituency, elected officials must be others-oriented and objective. For me this has emerged from pursuing good and serving with joy.

L – Leadership minded focus – Elected officials must have the wisdom of knowing that they are servant-leaders. For me this has emerged from a daily study of leaders and cultivating integrity.

I – Inclusive in approach – Officials are elected by diverse communities .and must be inclusive.  For me this has emerged from developing connection intentionally with people from all walks of life.

As your Mayor, I purpose to bring these personal leader qualities, public servant qualities, and the very best of my personality in service for the city. In line with the example of Cincinnatus, I am committed to serving ONE TERM ONLY and will restore character as we model the leadership that our city deserves.

Step 1

Honor the past

Step 2

Optimize the present

Step 3

Win the future



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