It is a joyous delight to be on this journey. I am ready to serve the people of Hamilton County with great focus and dedication.

Connect with FANS

Would you please join my tremendous FANS – Family, Associates, Neighbors, and Supporters? Let us together bring change and make a big difference for the future of our community.


No one has walked the improbable path that I am seeking. For the entire 230-year history of Hamilton County, no Independent, non-party candidate has made it to the ballot for Commissioner. No first-generation immigrant and no Black male has made it. I would be honored to be elected and would serve you with great diligence.

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No one runs alone in the quest for public office. None can be a good public servant unless they run with complete family support. My family is that inner core of a great team for me. We will serve with great passion and be an inspiration to all in our county. We have delighted in tremendous service at numerous social service organizations ranging from faith communities to soup kitchens, recreation centers, and even multiple international missions. We bring that passion to all our community engagements.

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No one leaves a mark without great associates. I am humbled by the joyous friendship of many wonderful colleagues. I am a fan of many good people who have added tremendous value to my life as I hope I have done the same to them. I look forward to growing in association with you.

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No one lives a good life without being a good neighbor and friend. At Friends of Najoli, we embrace the power of friendship and neighborliness. That is how we can be difference makers in our world. It is a pure delight to have great friends and wonderful neighbors. I will model the power of neighborliness.

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No one can become a good public servant without robust niceness that esteems others as better than self. At Friends of Najoli, we delight in being kind to others and having a sense of duty toward community building. I collected signatures because I was fully mindful of my obligation to be a servant leader. I will support others diligently.

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