We will establish a mayorship that is founded on good governance. 2021 is our year to move beyond the past and establish 9 CHARACTER practices that will form the foundation of good government in our beloved city. A Najoli mayorship will feature 9 good-government practices of CHARACTER. Each of these form the bedrock of the Checklist of Good Leader Behaviors which I will review monthly with each City Council member. Additionally we will bring these principles into every interaction with city officials and stakeholders. Our administration will ooze of the following principles:

Civic virtue

“Among the virtues that make up the Cincinnatians character is vigilant attention to the actions of elected officials. If this be true, then our civic task is to secure a great city for our children’s future.” – Dr. Herman J. Najoli

Humble warrior

“Though the pursuit of humility in itself by an elected official is almost an impossible undertaking, finding the warrior spirit within that reaches for it is the mark of true and lasting leadership.” – Dr. Herman J. Najoli

Authentic accountability

“To be ambitious of accountability, of the true veracity of transparency in the acts of one’s personal obligations, is the very prerogative of running for public office. Of such is the mark of authenticity.” – Dr. Herman J. Najoli

Responsible duty

“Responsibility, unaccompanied by duty, is as unimpressive as a painting without color. Such a thing is non-existent for life is about color. Our greatest duty in life is to be responsible for something.” – Dr. Herman J. Najoli

Authority limits

“Service to the greater good is inherent in the calling to exercise authority within a jurisdiction. However, that exercise is granted by the will of the people, who are custodians of the limits thereof.” – Dr. Herman J. Najoli

Courageous followership

“The supreme quality of a leader is not courage but followership. It takes a very secure leader to embrace second place. A true public servant is one who embraces the obligation to courageously follow.” – Dr. Herman J. Najoli

Transformative service

“Our greatest service to mankind is to honor the legacy of past leaders who paved the way by optimizing our present through transformative service so that we can win the future for our children.”

Ethical stewardship

“When we think of ourselves as owners of the very instruments that have been entrusted to us by society, we raise our capacity for ethical behavior and grant ourselves the opportunity to be great stewards of resources.” – Dr. Herman J. Najoli

Respectful modesty

“The thing that inspires us and those around us the greatest is the simple and elegant display of respectful modesty. The example of Lucius Cincinnatus so generously models this character trait.” – Dr. Herman J. Najoli

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‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people’
President Abraham Lincoln

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