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New Mayoral Campaign Content Coming

Communities United For Action (CUFA) Forum: 10/29/2020

Follow Link to view the virtual forum that aired Live on Facebook:

CUFA Candidates Forum

WLWT 5 Cincinnati Debate: 10/27/2020

Follow Link to view the debate that aired Live on Facebook:

Race for Hamilton County Commission

Virtual Candidate Conversation with Greta Van Susteren: 10/14/2020

Virtual Conversation with Greta Van Susteren of Full Court Press. See link below image:

Here’s the video link: Candidate Conversation

American Institute of Architects (AIA):
Coffee with the Candidate – 10/14/2020

Enlivening session with the members of the American Institute of Architects:

Commitment 2020: WLWT 5 Evening News – 10/9/2020

John London of WLWT interviewed me for a segment that aired on the #Commitment2020 Local Evening News program. We had a long chat but it was shortened to the ideal length for the TV broadcast. YouTube Video below and story link to WLWT’s website underneath:

Story Link to WLWT’s website:

Meet the 3 individuals vying for Hamilton County Commission seat once held by the late Todd Portune.

Waycross Election Forum: Hamilton County Commissioner – Open Seat – 10/2/2020

The LIVE Forum became a Studio/Fireside chat for a solo candidate as my opponents, Andy Black and Alicia Reece, did not attend but submitted statements. Well, here’s video of the program:

All Things Considered: Cincinnati Edition with Michael Monks – 10/5/2020

Spoke with Michael Monks of Cincinnati Edition. Here’s the link: “3 Candidates Vying For Hamilton County Commission Seat”

Opinion Column: “I’m Equipped to be your next County Commissioner” in the Cincinnati Enquirer – 9/4/2020

Spoke with Jason Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Excerpt picture below. Read full article here: I’m Equipped to be your next County Commissioner

Jason Williams PX Column in the Enquirer – 5/30/2020

Spoke with Jason Williams of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Excerpt picture below. Read full article here: “He grew up in Kenya. He was inspired by Ronald Reagan. Can unknown candidate now play spoiler role in Southwest Ohio race?”

Brian Thomas Off-Studio Interview – 5/29/2020

Watch my Facebook Live video of the interview here: “Live Virtually on Brian Thomas“.

Listen to the Brian Thomas online recording here: “Herman’s Talk with Brian Thomas“.

Here’s my summary.

This was an opportunity to introduce myself to a larger audience. Point of note is that I was disappointed by the audio from my end. I was surprised by the numerous ads in between conversation but it is a learning journey. I had a real moment where I wanted to distinguish myself with my vision for the future. It did not land very well. Growing pains. The deal is that the FIFA World Cup is coming and it has huge revenues and will produce numerous jobs. We need our eye on that ball as many other municipal governments are. We will!

Lincoln Ware Off-Studio Interview – 5/26/2020

Watch full interview here: “Live Virtually on Lincoln Ware“. Here’s my summary.

This off-studio interview was an opportunity for listeners to get to know me as a person. After telling of my background and family, I pointed out that I started petitioning in April 2019 before anyone expressed interest. My desire was to run against previous County Commissioner Todd Portune. I believed I could have won that match-up. I pointed out that I petitioned in 2018 to run against Chris Monzel knowing that I could beat him but fell short of the signature requirement. It definitely is a challenge for Independents to make the ballot and I am deeply humbled that many voters in Hamilton County saw it fit to give me a chance on the ballot.

I clarified that I am in this race to run against myself, not against the party-backed candidates. As an Independent I do not benefit from any corporate backing and I’m running a remarkable campaign for the joy of inspiring excellence in county leadership. I know that I have the most comprehensive platform of all the candidates in the race for Hamilton County Commissioner.

More stories to come. In the meantime, enjoy the highlight pictures below.

Campaign Headlines – The Bulletin

Look out for any news headlines here as the campaign season gets underway. This bulletin will be a summary of news headlines or articles that are broadcast by others about our campaign. Our own press releases will be found in Updates – The Sling.



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