Identity of Cincy

City of Immigrants, Natives, Creatives, and You (CINCY)

C – City:  Cincinnati is a city of immigrants. Established in 1788 as Losantiville, it was renamed in 1790 after Lucius Quinctus Cincinnatus (519BC – 430BC), a Roman statesman who led the army through a crisis. Cincinnatus lived the simple life of a farmer. After an invasion, he was approached to lead the battle and achieved a swift victory over the invaders. Soon after, he relinquished power and returned to his farm. In doing this, he demonstrated great civic virtue, humility, and an early insight into term limits. He served only for the greater good.

I – Immigrants: The first immigrants to Cincinnati were Protestant settlers of English and Scottish ancestry, followed by Germans, then Irish, then free Blacks and fugitive slaves, Appalachian families, and Eastern Europeans. Over time there has been an influx of Italians, French, Greeks, Africans, Asians, Hispanics, and many others who multiply value to the city’s rich cultural diversity.

N – Natives: After more than 200 years of existence, many of the natives who called this area home are no longer here. We honor the indigenous tribes who lived in this area for centuries. Many current citizens of Cincinnati are now natives. May we live up to the great legacy that we have inherited and build a great city.

C – Creatives: We can only build a great city through creative minds. Our identity has been shaped by many creative minds. In my service as Mayor, I will continue to champion creativity as the bedrock of Cincinnati. Our best days are yet to come.

Y – You: If you are CINCINNATIAN, in 2021, I am running for YOU. I will put people over politics, party, profit, and pander. Vote for You. Vote Najoli for One-Term Mayor.

CINCY, let us win with your contribution.



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