L – Leadership portfolio

E – Educator platform

A – Assessment process

R – Reflective philosophy

N – Najoli principles

I – Information pipeline

N – Networking projects

G – Growth practices

What is the LEARNING collection?

The LEARNING collection captures my journey of developing through these 8 Ps: portfolio, platform, process, philosophy, principles, pipeline, projects, and practices. Follow the drop-down menu links above to see the LEARNING collection and read the primer below for how I apply these.


Acquire Knowledge

The power of knowledge is positive. Knowledge facilitates learning. Knowledge really is the lead factor in learning, therefore get knowledge. And with all your getting, seek to understand and be wiser than before.

Connect Understanding

The joy of understanding is precious. Understanding strengthens learning. Understanding really is the preeminent element, therefore get understanding. And with all your getting, get knowledge.

Target Wisdom

The impact of wisdom is permanent. Wisdom invigorates learning. Wisdom really is the principal thing and predominant phenomenon, therefore get wisdom. And with all your getting, get understanding.

Come to the Table

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