Mentors and Moments

A leadership platform doesn’t develop at a moment’s notice. The best leaders are developed by a magnitude of mentorship, study, and resilient experiences. In the context of mentorship and moments, Dr. Najoli’s personal leadership platform has been

  • expanded generously for over twenty (20) years by the leadership genius of two experts highlighted as mentors below;
  • modified extensively for over ten (10) years by leadership moments from the intelligence of the group identified as peers below; and
  • enhanced over the last four (4) years through observation of leadership moments by the final two listed as commissioners below.

Mentor 1:
Dr. Myles Munroe

The friendship, and mentorship of Dr. Munroe helped Dr. Najoli answer three critical leadership platform questions:

  • Who am I as a leader?
  • What will I be associated with?
  • Where will my legacy be?
  • The spirit leadership
  • The culture of leaders

Mentor 2:
Dr. John Maxwell

The friendship, and mentorship of Dr. Maxwell helped Dr. Najoli tap into five levels of leadership:

  • Level 1 – Position
  • Level 2 – Permission
  • Level 3 – Productivity
  • Level 4 – Performance
  • Level 5 – Personhood

Peer Leadership

A personal leadership platform flourishes in the context of communal interaction with colleagues. It is within such a setting that the social insight for cultivating influence is shaped. Dr. Najoli’s influence index emerges from a values-based, and results-oriented leadership model. Dr. Najoli’s peers are individuals who value attaining maximum results in people development.

Commissioner 1

Denise Driehaus, born and raised in a suburb on the Westside, models nine attributes:

Diligence in public service
Determination to excel
Representative leadership
Inspiration for women and girls
Example of collaboration
History as business owner
Accessibility to citizens
Utmost passion for people
Small business advocacy

Commissioner 2

Stephanie Summerow-Dumas, born and raised in a suburb on the Northside, models nine attributes:

Social work experience
Trailblazing visionary
Exemplary volunteer work
Publisher of books
Healthy relationship facilitator
Advocate for the vulnerable
Nurturer of big dreams
Inspiration for women and girls
Energetic passion for people

Next Commissioner

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