Najoli for Cincy

I’m RUNNING for one term only as Mayor of Cincinnati to Restore wisdom, Unleash quality, Navigate crisis, Nonpartisan identity, Inspire performance, Nurture greatness, and Generate coaches. More below.

Restore wisdom

Having completed a 245-page dissertation on Wisdom and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Leaders (which may be downloaded here: Doctoral Dissertation – 4.52 MB), I am stunned by the folly displayed by local elected officials. Elected officials have an inherent imperative to model wisdom. I am firmly at grips with how cognitive, affective, and reflective dimensions of wisdom correlate to the altruism, conscientiousness, sportsmanship, courtesy, and civic virtue of citizenship behavior.

I am running to restore wisdom in our city leadership. This campaign is a battle for the character of Cincinnati. I will leave no stone unturned as I bring lessons from my Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University into our city’s leadership circles. Make no mistake about it, I am running to restore wisdom.

Unleash quality

I have a passion for quality and productivity. Voters want their elected officials to unleash quality service. My leadership philosophy is characterized by humility, empathy, resilience, maturity, authenticity, and niceness (HERMAN). My public service values are neighborliness, accountability, joint-problem solving, objectivity or an others-orientation, leadership mindedness, and inclusiveness (NAJOLI).

I am running to unleash quality as an organizational leader and will be a great CEO (Citizen, Educator, and Outsider) as the 70th Mayor of Cincinnati. I have been an instrumental change-maker in my community, in my classrooms, and in organizations that have entrusted me to offer responsible leadership. I will ensure the right balance of progress and conservation within our city government. I will create and sustain high performing and agile systems within local government.

Navigate crisis

The greatest leaders come from the most unlikely of places and bring a freshness of perspective that multiplies value in their work. In The Medici Effect, Frans Johansson argues that intersectionalist leaders who have ideas from at least three different cultural backgrounds bring about the greatest innovations.

I am running to navigate crisis. I settled here in 2007 after overcoming unique life circumstances. I like that Price Hill started as an enchanting hamlet yet is now an urban community with sweeping views of the Ohio River Valley. Many Price Hillians navigated crisis. Two who inspire me are a blacksmith named Herman, renowned for his strength, who lived in the Warsaw hamlet in the early 1800s, and a prosperous baker named Herman who owned a huge home on Grand in the 1950s. I will navigate crisis wisely.

Nonpartisan identity

My nonpartisan identity shines through every aspect of my life and engagements. I am fiercely independent with a passion to work smarter for all the people. I have served on the WCPO Community Advisory Board and currently on the Hamilton County Tax Incentive Review Commission (TIRC). I have a joyous personality and friendly manner. An idealist at heart, I am an ENTJ (Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judgment) on the Myers Briggs. ENTJs work well with others and are uniters. My top five motivational gifts are teacher, ruler, encourager, perceiver, and server.

Inspire performance

My public industriousness as a servant leader is evident. I have served challenging youth, individuals with different abilities, supervised group homes, labored as a family teacher, mentored underperforming students as a character coach, empowered the homeless, and instructed adult learners. I am a steward of high performance in people from all walks of life.

I am running to inspire performance. In every organization, I have produced foundational changes that have elevated operations and administration. The gains from my touch have multiplied value for many. I have the public service credentials for leading as the next Mayor of Cincinnati.

Nurture greatness

As Mayor, I will pioneer new spaces of greatness for our city. A pioneer is someone who forges ahead and makes their home in new territory. My family’s service and patriotism shines through our volunteering in the local Athletic Association, Education Commission, PTO, Fish fry, Festivals, etc., in lay leadership through Men’s group, Sunday school, in membership through our Community Council, and in being Parent Ambassadors for a pioneering Squash Academy.

I am running to nurture greatness in Cincinnati and have been instrumental in publishing numerous stories of youth greatness in the local press. I have helped to champion youth development and exposure. I have the insights for cultivating impact throughout all our neighborhoods. Pioneers are optimistic. That’s my fundamental make-up as a leader.

Generate coaches

The failures that we have seen in local leadership demonstrate that young leaders lack coaching. Career politicians are too selfish in the pursuit of their own goal and do not understand their role to mentor younger leaders. I am a two-term volunteer coach with FC Cincinnati’s West End Pride youth soccer team. I coach soccer, basketball, and track & field at three different Westside catholic grade schools; and I lead international youth development trips to Western Kenya where sports and learning equipment are distributed freely to village kids to inspire their dreams.

I am running to generate coaches who will devote themselves to term limits then turn around and coach future leaders on how to serve with character. I am a transformational servant-leader and will generate coaches in elected leadership work.

On May 4, 2021 please vote for and elect a leader who is RUNNING for you, Dr. Herman Najoli. Vote Herman. Elect Najoli.

I am RUNNING for you.
Not for special interests. Not for big donors.
Not for a political party. Not for selfish ends.
I will put people over profit and pander.



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