Najoli principles

Leadership is about embracing virtues and values that elevate the quality of an organization and instigating them into the culture of followership. Here is a sampling of some of my virtues and values.

Virtue of Caring:

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Virtue of Influence:

Encourage others toward behavior that is in alignment with what society holds dear.

Virtue of Story:

We are a story-telling species with an ability to capture our vibrant uniqueness.

Value of Balance:

Balance means having a moral center that governs decisions and action.

Value of Investing:

Life can be viewed as a game of four quarters. Investment in knowledge is key.

Value of Abundance:

Balance means having a moral center that governs decision-making and actions.

What values and virtues interest you the most? Share below.


Virtues and Values for a Lasting Legacy:

Being a leader is about leveraging engagement, advancing development, and equipping responsibility to sustain harmonious interchange of possibilities while creating outstanding and refreshing experiences.

Dr. Herman J. NAJOLI

We need each other to elevate the leadership conversation. Share your virtues and values.

Let us bring a new brand of leadership to our communities. Let us sustain a harmonious interchange of possibilities.

Our virtues and values

My dedicated focus is to create outstanding and refreshing experiences that elevate leadership conversations.

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