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Learning networking projects must be


EPIC learning networking projects:

E – Educative

Networking projects should serve to educate all who are involved. The project leaders must craft a curriculum that enables needed learning to take place effectively. The goals of the event should be explicit in terms of the methods used and learning outcomes expected. Educative processes allow for anticipation and adaptation of new insights that emerge in the course of learning.

P – Participative

All attendees of a networking project should take part and share in the learning content. Design elements that facilitate all stakeholders being partners in the continuous learning that takes place. Collaborative processes should be utilized in learning. Project teams that enhance participation should be developed, incorporated, and encouraged to prosper.

I – Interactive

Critical to the delivery of learning content in a networking project is the need for interaction. Design of the program should allow for elements that facilitate high socialization between participants. Learners should utilize any digital technologies or virtual communication tools for increased engagement. Teachers should incorporate interactive medium and approaches in the project.

C – Collective

Group learning is vital for shared meaning and sense-making. The overall learning of the entire group should allow for common understanding and communal growth. Active learning processes should be utilized to assure the collective advancement in learning of all participants. Learners in different arenas should be brought together to harness their collective learning.


The education of a single person is more epic than any movie scene. No production has higher stakes than the learning journey. Make it educative, participative, interactive, and collective – EPIC!

― Dr. Herman Najoli, Educator

We have to make learning an epic experience! Let us eschew the culture of ignorance and embrace an educative, participative, interactive, and collective ethos. We can be EPIC in all things!

― Dr. Herman Najoli, Educator

Educative, Participative, Interactive, and Collective


My EPIC formula for learning networking projects:


Is it educative? Embrace it!


Is it participative? Promote it!


Is it interactive? Implement it!


Is it collective? Cultivate it!

An EPIC standard

Let us be EPIC in crafting and facilitation of learning projects. Embrace learning that is educative. Promote learning that is participatory. Implement learning that is interactive. Cultivate learning that is collective.

Our networking projects should enable EPIC success.


The pursuit of an education should be an EPIC journey. As an educator, I am committed to making every element of the learning process EPIC.

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