NORTH events 2020

Najoli Organizers Running to Transform Hamilton (NORTH)

No one runs alone. Run with NORTH and let us bring seismic change to government. It’s time to point the leadership compass north!


These pictures were taken at Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park for clear purpose:

  1. Honor the past – We honor the legacy of Cincinnati’s first African-American mayor, Theodore M. Berry. As he runs, Dr. Najoli is humbled to be the first Independent candidate and Black male to appear on the ballot for Commissioner. He is running for history. NORTH 2020 seeks to bring seismic change like Ted Berry did. We honor the past as we run for change.
  2. Celebrate the present – Without the friendship and complete support of his family, Dr, Najoli would not be running uphill as a clear underdog. He knows the challenges but his goal is simply to bring FRIENDSHIP to all Hamilton County government. His vision is for Fervor, Rigor, Inspiration, Earnestness, Nobility, Distinction, Solidarity, Heartiness, Integrity, and Purpose to thrive in all our neighborhoods. We celebrate family as we seek to spread FRIENDSHIP.
  3. Envision the future – The Crystalline Tower is a powerful symbolism of futuristic art. It sparkles and it’s message is very clear. Dr. Najoli is running for the future of Hamilton County, which includes his daughter who is nicknamed Sparkle. It is our hope that you will support him as he develops a crystal clear message. We envision the future as we run for sparkling clarity.

Daily Updates: Tracked in Real-Time by MapMyRun

  • Zip Codes, Miles, and Steps Logged

  • 52 Zip-codes as of July 12 !

  • 230 Miles as of July 12 !!

  • 907,210 Steps as of July 12 !!!

Get outdoors in beautiful Hamilton County. Join NORTH 2020 and let us run for FRIENDSHIP with Dr. Najoli.

Gallery 2: ZIP Codes 202 – 209

Gallery 1: ZIP Codes 001 – 174

NORTH events dates: May 13 – July 24

Dr. Najoli is running for Commissioner and marking his unprecedented entry into this race by running 230 miles across Hamilton County. Since establishment of the county in 1790, this is the first time that any Independent and/or Black male has made it to the ballot. Dr. Najoli’s run will cover all 52 residential ZIP Codes.

52 Runs ~ 230 Miles

Our NORTH 2020 Leader

Our leader is an amazing 14-year old scholar-athlete, Jumba Najoli II, affectionately known as Champ. Jumba will be pacing his dad and all Najoli Organizers Running to Transform Hamilton (NORTH). Jumba started running at an early age and has run in numerous races across Hamilton County. I am running for Commissioner so that we can have so much, including Good Outcomes in Health and Activity Measures (GO HAM) as a healthy Hamilton County (See Platform – Article One, Plank 2, Issue 2). Let’s go NORTH!

Our NORTH 2020 Candidate

Originally from a country with world-class marathon runners, Dr. Najoli is a proud American with a heart of love for Hamilton County. He has already shared his passion with more than 9,000 residents who signed his petitions to run for Commissioner. Dr. Najoli was a runner at an early age but has not run since grammar school so this will be an uphill task. He developed a passion for academics, prompting him to focus on learning rather than sports and led him to pursue a terminal degree . Now he is running for Commissioner to bring a new day and point the leadership compass north. Let’s go NORTH!

Let us run together for history.

Run a 3K

1.8 Miles

Run a 5K

3.1 Miles

Run a 10K

6.2 Miles


Najoli Organizers Running to Transform Hamilton County is a group of supporters joining Dr. Najoli in his run of 230 miles to signify the 230-year history that no Independent and no Black male has ever made it to the commissioner ballot in Hamilton County.

Do you have questions about running with Team NORTH?


PO Box 7112
Cincinnati, OH 45205

7:00 am – 10:00 am
7:00 am – 11:00 am
7:00 am – 10:00 am
7:00 am – 11:00 am
7:00 am – 11:00 am



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