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Early in my development I was part of an internship program where a number of selected individuals went through an experience that facilitated personal growth. This powerful ritual was called ‘Knighthood’ and took place over several weeks. Those who completed all the rites of passage were ‘knighted’ and given a special name that symbolized a dominant trait that one displayed. I was delighted to have been selected and the name that I was given at the end was Orasis. Orasis is a Greek word that means ‘vision’. My knighthood name has shaped many of my thoughts and impacted my life in numerous ways that are beyond the scope of the writings on this page. These will best be detailed in a future book. For now, see below for a brief outline of what I call ‘The ORASIS factor’ in my life.



The ORASIS factor

The following six quotes capture, in a nutshell, the essence of Orasis for you and me!

Original you

You are an original and have an unlimited potential for glowing greatness.

Radiant you

You were designed to be radiant and brighten the world. Let your light shine.

Acumen you

You can unleash landmark achievements as you let your acumen blaze a trail.

Sagacity you

You are equipped with as great sagacity as any royal and as much wisdom as any sage.

Intuition you

You were engineered and gifted with superb intuition that can bring wholeness to every situation.

Sparkling you

You can unveil the sparkling personality that you were born to embody and exhibit in all it’s infinite and vibrant colorfulness.

You are… You were… You can… Please share your thoughts:

ORASIS is really about leveraging engagement, advancing development, and equipping responsibility to sustain harmonious interchange of possibilities (LEADERSHIP). As we participate in creative outstanding and refreshing experiences (CORE), we enable the dynamism of our vision (orasis) for service to transform the world.

Dr. Herman J. NAJOLI

You are… You were… and You can…! Keep on keeping on! May your name be synonymous with the potential, purpose, power, performance, possibility, productivity, and pursuit that enlivens your life.

You have the personality for being all you were designed to be. May your personhood reflect your vision!


  • Original
  • Radiant


  • Acumen
  • Sagacity


  • Intuition
  • Sparkling

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