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A New Normal – WISDOM

We are in a new era that requires Wiser Interactions and Social Distance Observation while Mingling (WISDOM). In the wake of Covid-19, and the city’s significant role in public life, we need a social-life model that supports neighborhood community councils under the guidelines of a new normal. Join us in this quest.

As mayor, I will explore a new normal of organizational WISDOM in Cincinnati. My model will allow neighborhoods and communities to have a semblance of unbroken community and belongingness. We will identify approaches for maintaining the guidelines from authorities while playing our valued roles in society.

One of the emergent stories out of this unprecedented crisis has been the desire of neighbors to maintain a sense of citizenship while following public health guidelines. I will convene some of the best projects that emerged and craft a template for fostering a sense of being during times of crisis. We will identify institutional set-ups that allow us to shape a great city through our neighborhood community councils.


Cognitive Dimension

Cincinnati faces an epic choice at the ballot in 2021. I view this as an ebullient, participatory, inspirational, yet consequential (epic) moment in history. How shall we rise in the face of tremendous shaking? Do we have the cognitive formation for matching this epic moment?

Affective Dimension

Like Ohio’s First President, we have a peak opportunity. Old Tippecanoe, also called ‘Buckeye’, showed affective social distance in befriending Underground Railroad Conductor, George DeBaptiste. How now shall we live? Do we have an affective readiness that meets our peak opportunity?

Reflective Dimension

The Queen City was once the chief port on the Ohio River and the largest city in the Midwest prior to the civil war. Being reflective is critical to embracing the noble future. How can we best position our city and county for tomorrow? Are we as citizens reflecting on our obligations as we shape tomorrow?

Come to the Table:

A place of safe gathering, of shared identity, of story building, and of placemaking

Our Organizational Capacity for WISDOM


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wiser residents goal

Why Organizational Wisdom will save our lives

The pandemic was a wake-up call to our city. A wisdom model for city-wide application is vitally needed for the times we find ourselves in. WISDOM will protect us and our fellow citizens as we all follow clear guidelines. The six pillars of the model are:

  • Wiser – Organizing from a basis of knowledge
  • Interactions – Organizing for interrelationship
  • Social – Organizational civility and collectivity
  • Distance – Organize to bring new hospitality
  • Observation – Organize community structures
  • Mingling – Organized public belongingingness

I’m asking you to join me. I’m asking you to stand with me. I’m asking you to sit with me at the table. Together, we can create a new normal and build our society.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Excellent Service”

Hey, I just wanted to call you back after listening to your voice message! You truly have been amazing. Thank you for your authenticity and service.

Janelle Q.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Dependable Leadership”

Great to see you after these many years. You are running for office? Wow! You will be great. You helped me find a place of my own and I am still there! Thank you!

Charles A.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Thoughtful Platform”

Wonderful! I’m really enjoying the quality of work that you have produced. It is exciting to journey with you as you seek to implement these ideas.

James T.

Come to the Table

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