Outstanding TEAMMATES

“My outstanding TEAMMATES are a true grassroots unit of talented individuals with a wide range of skills and an incredible mission. I am so fortunate to be a part this team”.

Dr. Herman Najoli, April 2020

Friends of Najoli core campaign TEAM has 10 great individuals: Treasury leader, Executive leader, Administrative leader, Managerial leader, Media leader, Advisory leader, Talent leader, Engagement leader, and Scheduling leader (my role is Scouting leader). Meet my TEAMMATES:

Treasury leader

Patricia Scott

A treasurer is someone who makes it easier for people to cross bridges and build new things. As treasury leader of the Friends of Najoli campaign, Patricia is responsible for Transacting business, Recruiting donors, Engaging campaign finance, Appraising viability, Storing data, Undertaking book-keeping, Receiving documents, Ensuring limits, and Record keeping (TREASURER).

Patricia also leads the campaign’s ONE BRAIN TRUST. This is the Outreach Network for Enthusiastic Ballot Ready Associates, Independents, Nonpartisans, Thinkers, and Residents United for Seismic Transformation (ONE BRAIN TRUST). Learn more.

Patricia resides on the Westside of Hamilton County (Price Hill). She has always been a basketball star. She enjoys camping, watching football, baking, and traveling. She can easily be found rooting for her children’s school sports, the Cincinnati Bengals, or coaching youth sports.

Executive leader

Danyetta Najoli

An executive is someone who is the captain or chief of a crew or team. As executive leader of the Friends of Najoli campaign, Danyetta is responsible for all execution. Simply stated, she makes sure that it all gets done!

Danyetta leads the campaign’s LEADERSHIP CORE. This includes teams of Local Electors, Area Directors, and Exemplary Residents Sharing Herman’s Ideas in their Precincts to Create Outstanding and Refreshing Experiences (LEADERSHIP CORE). Learn more.

Danyetta enjoys a nice fire-pit, curling up with a good book, singing, and traveling. She loves spending time with family and building community with friends. She is a volunteer extraordinaire! If anything is labeled ‘Community service’, call her and she will do it.

Administrative leader

Randall Harris

An administator is someone who controls specific operations within a unit. As Administrative leader of the Friends of Najoli campaign, Randall Authorizes investments, Directs finances, Maximizes operations, Inspires excellence, Nurtures vision, Inspects records, Supervises strategy, Tabulates tasks, Expands capabilities, and Rewards doers (ADMINISTER).

Randall leads the campaign’s IGNITE DREAM team. These are Individuals and Groups for Najoli’s Inspiring, and Transformational Endeavor toward Decisive Results in Electoral Achievement and Mobilization (IGNITE DREAM). Learn more.

A strong believer in the power of looking out for the best interests of people, Randall regularly works with people on how to better utilize their time and finances. He enjoys a good basketball game on the couch but can sometimes be found shooting hoops on local courts.

Managerial leader

Melissa Ryan

A manager is someone who is a principal lead, or head of a unit. As managerial leader of the Friends of Najoli campaign, Melissa is responsible for Maintaining operations, Achieving objectives, Negotiating services, Accentuating strengths, Gaining publicity, Identifying weaknesses, Nailing goals, and Getting things done (MANAGING).

Melissa leads the campaign’s Jurisdiction CANVASSERS. This is a team of Campaign Advancers and Neighborhood Visionaries Aiming for Strategic and Systematic Electoral Reach and Success (CANVASSERS). Learn more.

Melissa enjoys photography, reading, design, and parenting. She can easily be found enjoying watching her kids play sports. She has a heart of gold and loves adding a touch of class to everything – with an icing of joy!

Media leader

Scott Priestle

A media leader is someone who uses intelligence tools to develop the campaign’s ground game. As media leader of Friends of Najoli campaign, Scott is in charge of Mass communication, External marketing, Daily news, Internal collaboration, and Assertive publicity (MEDIA).

Scott leads the campaign’s Eightfold PLATFORM. Our platform is a deeply concrete outline of a leader’s objective for running for public office – very easily the most comprehensive ever produced by a candidate for local office in Hamilton County. In this role he ensures continued build-up of a groundswell for Dr, Najoli’s Eightfold PLATFORM. Learn more.

Scott is a parent, coach, volunteer and non-profit professional who believes we can only be our best when we value and invest in every member of the team. A former sportswriter, Scott is always a fan of good sports and good writing.

Advisory leader

Chrissy Stautberg

An advisory leader is someone who provides insight on options and alternatives. As advisory leader of Friends of Najoli campaign, Chrissy offers advice on Advance plans, Decision making, Value assessment, Intermediary contacts, Strategy change, Outward counsel, Running direction, and Youth initiatives (ADVISORY).

Chrissy leads the campaign’s ADVICE PANEL. This is a team of Advance Deliberation Visionaries for Issues on Campaigning and Electioneering to Promote and Accentuate Najoli’s Excellence in Leadership (ADVICE PANEL). Learn more.

Chrissy loves to spend time with her family,  volunteering at her kids’ schools, and cheering for them at various sporting events.  She enjoys running, reading, baking, and is an avid UC basketball fan.

Talent leader

Julie Motz

A talent leader is someone who directs abilities and inventiveness. As talent leader of Friends of Najoli campaign, Julie is in charge of Tribe management, Asset activation, Leader deployment, Energy direction, Networking operations, and Team expansion (TALENT).

Julie leads the NEW BREED coalition. This coalition seeks to empower and attract anyone comfortable with the term ‘millenials’. This is a small outfit of volunteers who are growing as Najoli’s Election Winning Bipartisan Recruiters, Endorsers, Electors, and Donors (NEW BREED). Learn more.

As a busy mother of three, work/life balance is priority for Julie. She values her privacy and is more than brave enough to be a real advocate for others. She would rather curl up with a good book than step out into a crowd. Julie is most proud of her children and can be found at all their sporting events. She has coached soccer and basketball. She enjoys a good movie or comedy show.

Engagement leader

Jumba Najoli II

An engagement leader is someone who follows a great vision and brings out dedication in others through the inspiration of their own performance. Jumba is nicknamed Champ because he elicits perspiration in others through his meaningful effort.

Jumba leads a small group that is running 230 miles in every zip code across the county to highlight this remarkable campaign. His primary task is engagement leader for Najoli Organizers Running to Transform Hamilton (NORTH). Learn more.

Jumba is a scholar-athlete with a trophy chest of awards. He plays soccer, basketball, football, baseball, squash, tennis, and runs track. He is on his third passport and has traveled to numerous countries including Canada, Netherlands, France, Dubai, Kenya, and Turkey. He is an all-A student who enjoys reading and learning.

Scheduling leader

Diane Najoli

A scheduling leader is someone who knows the agenda and can keep a team on course as it works toward a goal. In the Najoli family, Diane is the one who always has the navigational tools when out on trips. She is extremely good at planning and plugging in all destinations before the family heads out, and during trips.

As scheduling leader for Friends of Najoli campaign, Diane is in charge of the itinerary. Her daily task is to ensure the candidate is out of the door! Her long-term task is to challenge the candidate to remember the PANTHER principles. Learn more.

Diane is a musician and artist at heart. She has a bubbly personality and loves having fun with hairstyles. She is a junior Girl Scout of Western Ohio who has earned numerous badges. She likes making girl gift packs for her princess crew line. Since being an infant her nickname is sparkle. She says that she is shiny, personable, adorable, radiant, kind, lively, and entertaining.

Additionally, we are constantly looking for more teammates to join our remarkable campaign. As the candidate running for office, Dr. Najoli is also a scout. Read more below.

Scouting leader

Herman Najoli

Seeker of Creative and Oustandingly Unique Teammates

A scout is someone who goes out to discover and create new possibilities. As scouting leader of the Friends of Najoli campaign, Herman is responsible for charting the path and crafting a game plan that works for the team.

Herm has a hobby of using leadership insight to craft acronyms, acrostics, and initialisms. He enjoys coaching youth soccer, outdoor tent camping, reading, and traveling. He also loves to cook and can easily be found watching a PBS cooking show, his favorite being ‘The Great British Baking Show’.




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