Our campaign platform has five planks:
1. MOVE. 2. FORWARD. 3. BE. 4. FIRST. and 5. LEAD.

These five planks together consist of 22 key issues that encompass our campaign for commissioner. The five planks are perfectly captured by our campaign metaphor of the Five-Legged Stump Table. Our greatest successes as a county will only come when we have a laser-like focus on the issues that we agree on. I am calling for seismic change in Hamilton County. Here is a summary of my platform planks:

Article One: MOVE FORWARD.

Plank 1: MOVE

Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD)

“I’ll work diligently to make MSD a Major Success Demonstration”.

Dr. Najoli supports continued advanced technical knowledge of MSD professionals, implementation of the Consent Decree to safeguard our county infrastructure, and working diligently to follow-through on previous negotiations. He will be on the forefront of providing path-goal leadership that champions sense-making, dynamic structure, and a critical path for addressing community needs.

Opioid Epidemic              

“I will advocate and labor tirelessly to COMBAT this epidemic”.

As Commissioner, Dr. Najoli will call for the streamlining of the Addiction Response Coalition into a new task force, the Commission to Obliterate Modern Bondage, Addiction, and Trafficking (COMBAT). COMBAT will offer a broad-based force for tackling all elements of this epidemic.

Vulnerable Persons

“I plan to fight for people living dangerously on the margins”.

Dr. Najoli will push for the adoption of a County Office for Regional Research on Eliminating Causative Tendencies in Individuals with Vulnerability Experiences (CORRECTIVE). Our goal is to quickly bring comfort, relief, and hope in a gentler and compassionate manner to all vulnerable individuals

Emergency management

“I will ensure that we are prepared for every kind of unique scenario”.

As Commissioner, Dr. Najoli will outline a Standards, Education, Responsiveness, Volunteers, and Execution (SERVE) plan for coordinating all organizations active in disasters, the chiefs of police, fire chiefs, public health office, and the sheriff’s office to ensure that we are continually prepared to address public needs in every kind of unique scenario. In the wake of Coronavirus, Dr. Najoli will work diligently to ensure that we have a sustainable pandemic strategy. His belief is that a sustainable strategy should include eight elements: Production plans for businesses, Authority plans for leaders, Nursing plans for treatment teams, Data plans for scientific analysts, Education plans for communities, Mingling plans for individuals, Intergovernmental plans for local jurisdictions, and Change plans for future control (PANDEMIC).

Plank 2: FORWARD

Facilities and Stadiums

“As a global thinker, I will help craft wisdom-based partnerships”.

As Commissioner Dr. Najoli will work diligently with the Convention and Facilities Authority Board and the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority along with all tourism and sports organizations to ensure the excellence and integrity of our region as a premier learning and entertainment destination.

Overall Public Health     

“We will GO HAM on being a healthy Hamilton County”.

Best of all, as County Commissioner, Dr. Najoli will propose a new initiative, Good Outcomes in Health and Activity Measures (GO HAM) that will aim at advancing a higher quality of life in Hamilton County. The GO HAM initiative will challenge residents of Hamilton County to live an aggressively healthy life by putting in extra effort in walking, riding, cycling, and exercising in the County.


“I will ensure all 49 jurisdictions are connected within our region”.

We must explore ways in which we can work together with neighboring counties. We cannot close county borders. We exist and live in connection with the regions around our localities. Dr. Najoli will spearhead the nation’s first transparent and formal regionalization commission: the STEWARDSHIP COMMISSION. The commission’s work will focus on exploring ways to best steward our regional resources for the greater good of all.

Western Hills Viaduct    

“The WHV is a priority for good placemaking. We will fix it”.

It is time to fix this viaduct. As a Westsider, Dr, Najoli has been frustrated by the self-serving rhetoric of political climbers who promise to do something about it but do nothing after being elected. We must turn the page and allow out-of-the box thinking. We will seek avenues to fix the WHV in a responsible manner that is sustainable.

Affordable Housing        

“I support the Port and the CDCs in revitalizing our housing stock”.

Living in the heart of the city of Cincinnati, and traveling across the county, has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the need for good, quality housing. Having served many homeless men, I have developed an empathy for the work that is needed for affordable housing. We will work with numerous organizations to revitalize housing.

Robust Arts/Culture       

“I will use arts and culture to transform community development”

As Commissioner, I will launch the nation’s first ever Commissioner’s Union for Robust Artistic & Cultural Yearning (CURACY) which will advocate for increased opportunities for individuals, both young and young-at-heart to develop their talents, for artists to showcase their talents, and for communities to pursue cultural elements that bring vitality to a way of life that is vibrant. CURACY will be an engine that advances social connection opportunities and learning that elevates quality of life.

Develop Workforce         

“I plan to strengthen our County workforce for quality service”.

Dr. Najoli will work to strengthen our County workforce. We will launch a division that will facilitate this. The County Office for Maximum Performance, Assessment, and Support Services (COMPASS) will be a leading-edge visionary arm within the Human Resources division. COMPASS will provide a highly motivated, results-oriented staff who will drive our county forward and thrive in their professional careers.

Article Two: BE FIRST.

Plank 3: BE

Better Government

“I’ll bring the wisdom of the people into local county government”.

As commissioner, I will propose a better government or simply, BETGOV, established on a foundation of WISDOM, and aimed at six very clear objectives:

B – BrillianceWiden application of organizational leadership
E – EfficiencyIncrease competence, capacity, and capability
T – TransparencyStreamline operations for open accountability
G – GrowthDevelop systems thinking to disentangle gridlock
O – OwnershipOrganize more people for robust participation
V – VisionModernize the delivery of services universally

Economic Empowerment

“I propose a Hamilton Entrepreneurial & Economic Drive”.

As Commissioner I will ramp up the work of pushing for more creative place-based businesses throughout Hamilton County. This will be through the launch of the Hamilton Entrepreneurial and Economic Drive (HEED). HEED will have two aspects:

1. Office of Resident Advancement through Networked Growth, Entrepreneurial Creativity, and Investment in Neighborhoods for Commercial Innovation (ORANGECINCI) which will offer solutions that are practical and fiscally responsible with an eye on forward-thinking that will elevate our county. 

2. Hamilton Economic Reinvestment Action for Local Disbursement (HERALD), a groundbreaking proposal in which 230 residents of Hamilton County will be provided with a monthly check for reinvestment actions that improve their living conditions. The money will need to be spent locally within the county. More details in our HAMCO 2050 Agenda at the bottom of this page.


Fiscal Wisdom

“I will ensure that we have a fit budget that is wisely balanced”.

Dr. Najoli will implement the following six things, branded FISCAL, regarding the county budget: Facilitate partnerships for budget implementation; Identify lard and apply a scalpel to excesses; Stimulate shared services opportunities within jurisdictions; Collaborative conversations between Board and Agencies; Adhere to set budget and constraints tightly; and finally Leverage opportunities for revenue growth.

Innovative Inclusiveness

“Let’s innovate. I will establish a SEVEN HILLS LAB”.

As County Commissioner, Dr. Najoli will seek to establish a partnership with a local institution of higher learning which can house a new innovative approach for inclusion. This new idea will be called Signature Events for Visioning an Equity Nexus in Hamilton that Innovatively Leverages Leadership Solutions for a Lasting Agenda of Belongingness (SEVEN HILLS LAB). SHL will have a simple mission: to develop seven events annually that showcase radical efforts that are being made by forward focused organizations on the forefront of making Hamilton County an equity nexus where innovation and belongingness thrive.

Responsible Leadership

“Leadership is more than just talk. It is about taking responsibility”.

Dr. Najoli will institute a community leadership think-tank. This think-tank, Synergistic Unity Plan for People Engaged Responsibly (SUPPER), is very simple and is a practice that the Najoli family has been engaging in for many years. Residents within a community will band together to open their homes and rotate monthly invitations to neighbors for common suppers. Through SUPPER chapters, engaged families will be able to talk to each other about actions that they can take responsibly to improve their neighborhoods.

Smarter Safety & Services

“I advocate for smarter strategies for safety and service provision”.

Under Dr. Najoli’s leadership as County Commissioner, service provision will consist of the following SMARTER seven elements:

  • Swift action – Moving quickly to address gaps and issues.
  • Masterful application – Utilizing quality specialists in all work.
  • Agile systems – Ensuring that solutions evolve collaboratively.
  • Resourceful people – Engaging individuals at all levels.
  • Transformative thinking – Rooting intervention in wisdom.
  • Expert input – Seeking the guidance of technical leaders.
  • Responsible leadership – Consulting with local communities.

Transit Excellence

“I support a comprehensive multimodal transit system in our county”.

I propose the implementation of a new county-level study that we will call Major Accdeleration of a Network for Transit Leadership and Excellence (MANTLE). Through MANTLE, I will work diligently with the other commissioners to develop and shape systems that facilitate the best transit region in the country. We want a better run transportation system. One idea that I will introduce is the possibility of having one ticket that will be valid across the whole region, allowing one to take as many journeys as they choose within a specific time frame. We will call this a Convenient Option Network Card for Extended Public Transportation (CONCEPT) card. Customers will be able to top up their CONCEPT card online, see their journey histories, and so much more.

Article Three: LEAD.

Plank 5: LEAD

Leverage the Wisdom of Seniors and Retirees

“I’ll deploy local government to enhance quality of life for elders”.

We will find ways to deploy our seniors and retirees to their most valuable years. I propose a County Office for Networking Visionary Elders for Relational Transformation (CONVERT). This initiative will be the nation’s first-ever Commissioner-led initiative to provide seniors and retirees with an abundantly fulfilling, constructive, and creative way to invest their time. We want to provide seniors and retirees with an opportunity to convert their latter years into their best years yet.  

Enable the Excellence of Women and Girls

“I support the Commission on Women and Girls”.

Efforts should be made to strengthen this work and extend it throughout the county. I am confident that under the leadership of Commissioner Denise Driehaus this will continue to happen. As the father of a wonderful daughter with her own great dream for own future, I am rooting for girls in Hamilton County to defy expectations and provide amazing leadership. More importantly her mother, my stunning wife of 16 years, is a woman who steadfastly pursued her own great dream. She moved from her birth city of New York, NY at age 18 to pursue undergraduate education in Nashville, TN then proceeded to chase her calling to serving people. I support their excellence.

Affirm the Leadership of Men and Boys

“I will create Advisory Councils for Men and Boys”.

I will create a Council for Outstanding Black and Brown Leadership Excellence (COBBLE) and an Advisory Council for Hamilton’s Intellectual Enthusiasts, Visionaries, and Experimenters (ACHIEVE). Through these, new information, analysis, and advice will be generated to facilitate new understanding and applicable strategies for achieving personal potential. Additionally, we will highlight the accomplishments of teams of phenomenal masterminds working together.

Define County Approaches for Immigrants and Refugees

“I propose clear pathways like my CORRIDOR initiative”.

As Commissioner, I will advocate for a short-stop County Office of Refugee Reception, Immigrant Dignity, and Outsider Resettlement (CORRIDOR) as a conversation point for strangers among us. The idea is very simple – to be a welcoming county to guests but also a helpful agent in ensuring individuals find their ultimate destination based on their needs. No one lives in a corridor. The corridor is simply a venue for conversation, not a final solution for individuals.

Download your copy of the extended and detailed version of Dr. Herman Najoli’s PLATFORM as outlined in his Strategic vision, Master plan, and Call to the Future by clicking below:

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