It is time for a seismic change in Hamilton County. We cannot continue to do things the same way yet expect different results. It is time to move forward from a partisan past, create policies that enable us to be first, and shape a future in which we will lead as a beacon of light for other Ohio counties and as a preeminent county in the entire United States. For that matter, Dr. Najoli has released an eightfold platform. Each of the components of his platform are listed below and outlined further in the drop-down sub-menu provided above.

Dr. Najoli’s Eighfold PLATFORM

P – Planks
L – Leadership portfolio
A – Ask Dr. Najoli
T – Tree stump
F – Five legged table
O – Organizational wisdom
R – Resources
M – Mentors and moments

I need your support for the principles, goals, and strategies of this platform to be executed. Unlike others in this race, I am not interested in a national position. You will not see me at a national political party convention. You will not see me talking about national issues. I am running to serve Hamilton County alone. I am running to serve you! Nothing more. Nothing less. And I will be the greatest Commissioner in the history of Hamilton County.

As your County Commissioner, I will solve problems, advance high-level goals, and provide inspiring leadership. I will not favor a party agenda, will not show loyalty to any special interests, and will not keep looking in the rear-view mirror. Neighbors and friends, we cannot move forward if we don’t restructure our thinking. We cannot be first if we keep looking to professional politicians. We cannot lead if we keep following exhausted ideas. It is time for a seismic change in Hamilton County. It’s our time.

I will be running in all of Hamilton County’s residential zip-codes to bring this message and platform. In each zip-code I will record video that can be viewed on my YouTube page. Please follow along and share with friends. To find the schedule for Dr. Najoli’s run through your zip-code please go to and search under the ‘Events’ tab.

Download your copy of the extended and detailed version of Dr. Herman Najoli’s PLATFORM as outlined in his Strategic vision, Master plan, and Call to the Future by clicking below:

Let’s get this PLATFORM done together.



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