Najoli’s Priorities

My first 100 days as Mayor will involve the implementation of a three-part plan that will immediately begin to deliver the first-class city that we deserve. We will take bold action to start delivering on the Cincy 2021 platform. The priorities for my agenda are outlined in our BATTLE plan for a Najoli administration. As Mayor-Elect, my workflow for the first 100 days involves::

Part One: Lay Foundations for Priority Reforms

  1. Governance Systems Reforms

We will implement the 9 CHARACTER practices of good government. These will be detailed in my Spring First-Class City (FCC) fireside chat character series.

2. Policing Systems Reforms

We will hit the RESET button on policing. This will consist of five things:

R – Redefine the role of local police.
E – Establish equality and due process.
S – Stabilize community engagement policies.
E – Enact transparency and accountability standards.
T – Train on de-escalation and sanctity of life.

Part Two: Establish Building Blocks for the CINCINNATIAN issues

C – Champion access to opportunity for all residents through immediate creation of Cincinnati Opportunity for Black and Brown Leadership Excellence (COBBLE) and Advisory Council for Helping Intellectual Enthusiasts, Visionaries, and Experimenters (ACHIEVE).

I – Improve desirability of our communities by the implementation of Synergistic Unity Plans for People Engaged Responsibly (SUPPER) which are volunteer community leadership think-tanks in each neighborhood.

N – Nurture small and start-up business enterprises. Rapid delivery of financial support for struggling local businesses, along with streamlining of permits for start-ups and small business approvals to help businesses ramp up growth quickly post-COVID 19.

C – Cultivate high-level leadership brilliance through prompt creation of a Board of Residents Intelligently Leveraging Leadership to Improve, Advance, and Nurture Talent (BRILLIANT) plan for Cincinnati. This team will facilitate future excellence across the city.

I – Increase multimodal transit excellence by championing a new study called Major Acceleration of a Network for Transit Leadership and Excellence (MANTLE) in Cincinnati which will explore superb new approaches for making our city more accessible to all.

N – Necessitate transparency and Good Leader Behaviors by facilitating a stringent accountability process of quarterly 360-degree assessment and executive reviews with all Cincinnati city elected officials and administrators.

N – Nourish living-wage jobs growth and improved health by urgent establishment of an Office of Resident Advancement through Networked Growth, Entrepreneurial Creativity, and Investment in Neighborhoods for Commercial Innovation (ORANGECINCI) which will offer practical job solutions that assure equity for all.

A – Achieve affordable housing and home ownership by strengthening the Affordable Housing Task Force and immediately implementing steps to end homelessness in Cincinnati. We will conduct an actual count of the homeless within the first 100 days.

T – Transform youth through an arts and culture vision through an immediate launch of a City Union for Robust Artistic & Cultural Yearning (CURACY) which will step up advocacy for increased opportunities for individuals of all ages to showcase their talent.

I – Identify inequalities and attract inclusive wisdom by the formation of Signature Events for Visioning an Equity Nexus that Harnesses and Innovatively Leverages Leadership Solutions for a Lasting Agenda of Belongingness (SEVEN HILLS LAB or SHL).

A – Address the needs of students and families by investing through a Cincinnati Operation for Maximum Performance, Assessment, and Support Services (COMPASS). This will be a highly motivated, results-oriented team who will drive our city forward and enable fathers, mothers, and children to thrive in every way possible.

N – Normalize safety in all our neighborhoods by moving quickly to put in place the foundations of what will be a marvelous, first-in-the-country strategic approach for serving all our communities. This will be discussed within the first 100 days and implemented within my first year of mayorship.

Part Three: Champion the Success of Cincinnati’s FIFA World Cup 2026TM Bid

As Mayor of Cincinnati, I will work diligently to ensure the superb success of our FIFA World Cup 2026TM bid. As stated in the introduction, my goal is to make Cincinnati an international juggernaut of education and sporting events. We will work to develop a robust taskforce of the coalitions needed that will rapidly explore all the infrastructure, technical, safety. and accommodation needs. The FIFA World Cup will be a boon to our local economy. If the city hosts at least five games, it will add attract numerous jobs (upwards of 40,000 jobs), bring in tourists from across the country and the entire globe, and generate revenue in the ranges of more than US $500 million. We must make the FIFA World Cup 2026TM bid a success and I will hit the ground running with this within my first 100 days as Mayor of Cincinnati.    

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Najoli’s Priorities



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