Reflective philosophy

My Reflective Philosophy consists of themes that have emerge from reflection on personal life and educational philosophy. These themes include a definition of life (and leadership), a mental outlook statement, personal mantra, and vision/mission statements that provide a summative view of my overall approach to life and leadership. These are detailed below: .

Definition of life and leadership

Life (or leadership) is a phenomenal and dynamic experience through which individuals engage in relationships that provide the opportunity to serve and collaborate with others for positive impact in their communities.

Mental outlook

“Let every man be occupied, and occupied in the highest employment of which his nature is capable, and die with the consciousness that he has done his best”. Sydney Smith.

A wise, intercultural individual (or leader) serves with authenticity, follows courageously, and steward’s organizational resources ethically while personally developing through constant assessment, challenge, and support. The cultivation of leadership skill is a personal journey in which the practitioner and leader must manage self and construct a narrative that facilitates learning, change and growth. Leadership development is impacted by a variety of themes including the leader’s worldview, life purpose, vision and values, capabilities, human nature, commitment to growth, and spiritual formation. As the leader develops in these areas and engages in social action, opportunities arise that facilitate an application of leadership skill to humanity and life’s situations. Humans exist in relation with other humans, engaging in social actions and behavior that necessitates interaction. Human action that is conducted in community with other individuals and with specific objectives underlies the existence of the organization. Organizations exist for a purpose. This requires the cooperation of those within them and drives both the leader’s actions and those of other functionaries who specialize in different aspects of the organization’s mission. The world is increasingly becoming a small village thus requiring leaders and organizations to deal across boundaries and borders. This requires an enhanced vision of human nature, an understanding of cultures, and an appreciation of universal ethical values. Ultimately this is a model for leadership development and leader growth as a continuous journey. May the spirit of making a difference endure and transform lives.

Personal Mantra

My personal mantra, which serves as the Najoli family motto, is: Live, Love, Lead, Learn, Laugh, Legacy, Leverage!. My family is that inner core of a great team for me. We have delighted in tremendous service at numerous social service organizations ranging from faith communities to soup kitchens, recreation centers, and even multiple international missions. We bring that passion to all our community engagements.

Vision and Mission Statements

My personal vision is a world in which learners are fully empowered with all they need to live a better life. This informs my personal mission in life which is to empower others with knowledge, skills, wisdom and resources that will enlighten, encourage, equip, embolden and enable them to embody the greatness of a better life.

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