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Thinking partners

A thinking partner is a friend who truly CARES:

C – Challenges your ideas.
A – Advices you on actions.
R – Revises your assumptions.
E – Expands your information.
S – Shifts your paradigms.

My absolute number one thinking partner is my wife! Who I am today has only happened because of her unquestionable partnership in my life. Over the years she has provoked me to pursue excellence.

My number one:

L. Danyetta Najoli

Danyetta has her own practice where she engages in supporting successful people be all they can be. See

Foundational to the success of any team is partners who help one another navigate complexity. A thought partner is not just a ‘sounding board’ for ideas but is a ‘stretch buddy’ who has insight into possibility and potential.

A thought partner is a superb person who truly cares.

Engaging peers

One great compensation from doing life with good friends is that we develop into People Engaged in Empowering Reciprocal Supports (PEERS). Tremendous PEERS are individuals who maintain a high level of connectedness for encouragement, advice, and challenge. They uplift each other and spur one another to good works that multiply value in community for others.

PEERS frequently check on each other to provide moral support and share input on mutual concerns based on stage of life. Great PEERS have great loyalty and liberty in their interactions.

Three different PEERS:

It has been a delight for me to have different peers at various stages of my life and I am delighted to team up with them.

1. The Brother-hood

Band of brothers at a celebration.

2. The Father-hood

Fellow fathers at a picnic.

3. The Scholar-hood

Peer doctoral students.

Amazing allies

Amazing allies are individuals that fit in what I call a ‘fellowship of relatable, inspiring, and encouraging network for sociability (FRIENDS)’. The bonds of connectedness between these individuals are strong based on various factors that link them.

Amazing allies may be a small team of key individuals who exercise great influence in each other’s lives. They are easy with each other yet provide the best advice to each other on all things.

Some amazing allies:

Neighbor on the Westside

With a friend who is an amazing ally in our mutual faith. The social currency of this friendship is sharing strokes of insight.

Amazing allies share wisdom and mutual growth practices.

Buddy in Canada

With a friend who is an amazing ally in our mutual love of life. The social currency of this friendship is sharing inspiring content.

Mentoring pals

Many years ago I read an anonymous quote that transformed my thinking. It goes, “Who you become five years from now is largely dependent on the friends you have and the books you read”. I made an immediate decision that I would commit to reading leadership and self-development books.

Two authors have particularly been inspiration in my reading and I have embraced their work as long-distance mentoring. I have also been lucky to meet both of them. These are Dr. John Maxwell and Dr. Myles Munroe. They have inspired my own approach to being a mentor for others.

Two Terrific Mentors:

Dr. John Maxwell

The mentorship of Dr. Maxwell helped me tap into five levels of leadership:

  • Level 1 – Position
  • Level 2 – Permission
  • Level 3 – Productivity
  • Level 4 – Performance
  • Level 5 – Personhood

Mentorship is vital in leadership.

Dr. Myles Munroe

The mentorship of Dr. Munroe helped me answer three critical leadership platform questions:

  • Who am I as a leader?
  • What will I be associated with?
  • Where will my legacy be?
  • The spirit leadership
  • The culture of leaders

The Teacher

Reach out:
(513)-LEADERS (532-3377)

Dr. Herman J. Najoli
PO Box 7112
Cincinnati, OH 45205

The Assistant

This magnificent lady from Harlem, N.Y., Mrs. L. Danyetta Najoli (formerly Dawson), is the reason for this season of my life. I never envisioned accomplishing many of the things that I have but she is a champion for me and for our family. She is a champion for individuals with different abilities, a champion for women, a champion for community, and a champion for people from all walks of life.

The Students

My children are the absolute joy of my life. My son is passionate about all sports and will outlast any competitor on the field or court. My daughter is passionate about the arts and loves telling stories. My gratitude knows no bounds.

Social Media

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