The Five Legged Table

The Five Legged Table is a metaphor that captures our platform for the 2021 Mayor Race.



We are in a battle for the character of our city. We cannot continue to do things the same way yet expect different results. It is time to win the battle against corruption. It is time for CINCINNATIAN policies. It is time to reimagine our future in which our city shines as a beacon of light for other Ohio cities and as a first-class city in the entire United States.

The OUTSIDER candidate

We will get Cincinnati over the top by leading above-the-table. It is time to move past under-the-table dealers. Let us all come to the table and create our highly desired future. Our CINCY 2021 platform details our purpose. We are running to put people over profit, politics, power, and pander. We are the outsider candidate.


Leg 1 – Campaign platform

Change starts with a readiness to move. We must see the great need of the moment we find ourselves in. I will prod our city to confront the past so that we can move forward like the Good River which flows gently along the Southern edge of the city.

Leg 2 – Identity as a city

Elections are about the future, not the past. A key aspect of the change goal is to define a destination. We are in this battle with a compelling vision of the future – to establish Cincinnati as the character city. This will usher in a new reputation and rewards.

Leg 3 – Najoli for Cincy now

As stated in the campaign announcement speech, Battle for the character of our city, we have to win against corruption now! The journey to winning starts with your choice. The big choice for us as citizens is to embrace a vision of the future. I will enable us find and keep our character.

Leg 4 – Character statement

To be first, we must turn the page. John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future”. We have to embrace the future and lead with character. As Mayor, I will tap into the future and help people stretch to grasp that future.

Leg 5 – Your choice

Cincinnati is not where it needs to be, but it can get there very quickly – in one term only! The road to the future will rise to meet us as we embrace the call to lead. Our vision for the future is for Cincinnatians to pursue a common good of prosperity for all. It is our time to lead!

The Front Right Leg

Our 2021 platform is CINCINNATIAN – offering a fresh perspective for city government. It is time to do the right things for our city. In our metaphoric image, platform is on the rear front leg indicating the need to do what is right for the city.

The Rear Right Leg

A forward-focused vision is vital for growth, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness. Our campaign is stepping out in-front so that we can help chart a path of progress toward the change our city deserves. We are a city of immigrants. We get it done!

The Rear Left Leg

The story of Cincinnatus portrays a man who was not caught up in the symbols of power and prestige but lived a simple life. The metaphoric image of the rear left leg symbolizes the idea of leading from behind. A public servant is wise in doing so. I will put people first.

The Front Left Leg

Leading with character requires the heart of a champion and the commitment to bringing champions to the table. As Mayor, I will champion character as I solve big problems, advance high-level goals, and provide deeply inspiring leadership. The cumulative effect will establish us as the character city.

The Stump – Center Leg

A stump symbolizes an old struggle which is hard to uproot. Growing up, I would uproot stumps in a valley on my father’s property and carry them uphill to the house for various projects. The table has a stump as center leg to indicate the power of choice. In 2021 choose Najoli for Mayor.



The pillars of our campaign are within the metaphoric image of the five-legged table. This image, taken at Mt. Echo Park in Price Hill, captures our vision to have this message echo throughout Cincinnati.


The metaphor of our five legged table resonates with the future that we seek in Cincinnati. Please DONATE to enable us take this message and vision to the seven hills and beyond.


Once you see the table in your zip-code, please send your testimonials so that they can be added here.

Dr. Najoli

As soon as the campaign gets underway, we will bring the table to every neighborhood in Cincinnati.

Dr. Najoli

Let’s build something great together.



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