Unique LEADERSHIP Culture

Our campaign oozes a vibrant organizational leadership culture. Friends of Najoli possesses an uncommon attitude for multiplying value. This comes from our unique Legacy theme, Exciting vision, Ambitious mission, Distinctive motto, Emblems of belief, Remarkable credo, Solid disciplines, Hamiltonian values, Inspiring qualities, and Panther principles (LEADERSHIP) culture.

Legacy Theme

Our leadership theme for the 2020 Commissioner race is:

“COME TO THE TABLE”. Read more.

Exciting Vision

At Friends of Najoli, we have an exciting vision – to bring seismic change to local government in Hamilton County. Our goal is to implement Strategic, Effective, Inclusive, Sensible, Methodical, Innovative, and Compelling (SEISMIC) change through a message that calls for the county to move forward, kindle a passion to be first, and chart a pathway to lead other counties.

Ambitious Mission

At Friends of Najoli, our ambitious mission is to elect Dr. Herman Najoli the first Independent Commissioner in the 230-year history of Hamilton County. This mission has a three-prong set of objectives that we seek to ace:

  • Short-term mission – Activate a campaign through which we can harness and engage remarkable minds to align and nurture their natural abilities for joyous outcomes through leadership and inclusion.
  • Medium-term mission – Cultivate a community of thinkers who are eager to see our county become one big Harmonious, Amazing, Magnificent, Invigorating, Lively, Thrilling, and Outstanding Neighborhood.
  • Long-term mission – Enable a county where government is viewed as Good, Optimistic, Visionary, Economical, Responsive, Nurturing, Motivational, Empowering, Navigational, and Transformational.

Distinctive Motto


Emblems of Belief

At Friends of Najoli our emblems of belief include our logo, tagline, slogan, and motto. Read more below.


The logo has four distinct elements conveyed:

  1. The upper end of H4H captures the idea of a backswing, a downswing for (4) impact in 2020, and a follow through into the future. Our campaign is swinging back into the past only to generate the balance of thought that will inform our present efforts to shape a better government.
  2. The lower end of H4H captures climbing uphill as a campaign toward possibility then reaching to lift others up. We know that we are running uphill in a tough race but our goal is to leave no one behind. We lift others.
  3. The oval signifies an egg. The root of the word shows a new beginning or rebirth. Times of refreshing and new perspectives are upon us.
  4. The colors red, white, and blue allude to the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth. It is an invitation.

“Herman for Hamilton”

The tagline goes underneath the logo in our communications. The selected font is meant to communicate clarity of vision and assertiveness of leadership. Like Alexander Hamilton, whom Hamilton County is named after, Herman is also an immigrant and an author, now a proud citizen of the US. Hamilton came to the US from the Caribbean island of Nevis to further his education. He ended up taking the lead in writing more than half the number of papers used in interpreting the constitution (The Federalist Papers). Herman has purposed to be a statesman like Hamilton and to serve Hamilton County with a high degree of Humility, Empathy, Resilience, Maturity, Authenticity, and Niceness. Herman’s book, “Public Servants in Government, Education, and Nonprofits: A Handbook of Administrative, Managerial, and Innovative Leadership Theory for Organizational Networking” comes out in April 2020. The working title for a book to be released in 2021 is “Being HAMILTONIAN”. Hamilton County, on November 3, 2020 vote Herman for Hamilton.


“It’s Herman Time”

The slogan font is AR CHRISTY and has three elements:

  1. It captures the clarity of our campaign and the fluidity of the change that we seek. The visual image of the wording captures the objective to move forward.
  2. The mixed lettering is significant. The bold lettering signifies our courageous proposition as the greatest underdogs in US election history. The thin lettering shows our significant lack of the money and machinery that characterizes most campaigns. The vertical slanting captures the challenge to be first.
  3. Monospaced lettering represents the time gap of 230 years. The word time is straight showing a linear perspective and a past that is tapering infinitely (ti), a modern day that is magnified (m) and a future that is emerging (e). This impresses on our campaign that it is time to lead.

Remarkable Credo

At Friends of Najoli, our philosophy is built on the credo, “Do the uncommon if need be, but by all means, stay remarkable” ~ Dr. Herman Najoli, March 2020.

Solid Disciplines

At Friends of Najoli our solid disciplines consist of our standards, operations, and practices. We like to say that our Standards are REMARKABLE, our Operations are INTEGRATED, and our Practices enhance LEADERSHIP. In one sentence, we run a remarkable campaign that is integrated into the life of the county as we bring a new brand of leadership. We have branded this our, ’10-10-10 disciplines’. Read more below.


The 10 standards that drive Friends of Najoli are:

Relational standards
Excellence standards
Momentum standards
Accounting standards
Results standards
Knowledge standards
Advertising standards
Boldness standards
Leadership standards
Event standards

These 10 standards are carefully monitored within the campaign to ensure our culture is remarkable.


The 10 operations that underpin Friends of Najoli are:

Internet operations
Neighborhood operations
Transition operations
Engagement operations
Governing operations
Resource operations
Adjustment operations
Training operations
Election operations
Donor operations

These 10 operations are frequently assessed within the campaign to ensure our culture is integrated.


The 10 practices that influence Friends of Najoli are:

Listening practices
Efficiency practices
Advancement practices
Deployment practices
Expenditure practices
Responsive practices
Sharing practices
Hiring practices
Interactive practices
People practices

These 10 practices are carefully monitored within the campaign to bring a new culture of leadership.

Hamiltonian Values

At Friends of Najoli we embrace a set of eleven (11) values that Dr. Najoli developed while writing his fourth book, Public Servants in Government, Education, and Nonprofit Sectors. Public servants who are HAMILTONIAN are:

Heroes for many citizens
Adventurers with purpose
Makers of other’s dreams
Igniters of a better future
Leaders of the change we seek
Thinkers on a mission
Outstanding visionaries
Navigators for our community
Inspirers of greatness
Advocates for the vulnerable
Nicest nurturers and neighbors

These eleven values are being developed into a book to be released in 2021 titled “Being HAMILTONIAN”. This book will highlight stories from Dr. Najoli’s 2020 run for Hamilton County Commissioner. On November 3, 2020 vote Herman for Hamilton.

Inspiring Qualities

Dr. Najoli is running a remarkable campaign because he lives by 12 inspiring qualities. The first 6 are personal leader qualities and the next 6 are public servant qualities that he embodies. These are:

  1. Humility – Being humble is foundational for good leadership. For Dr. Najoli, humility has emerged from a life of faith expressed in daily life.
  2. Empathy – Being able to see and experience another’s perspective is critical. For Dr. Najoli, empathy has emerged from a passion for people and service.
  3. Resilience – Being tough as a person is necessary because leading is difficult. For Dr. Najoli, resilience has emerged from navigating unique challenges.
  4. Maturity – Being aware of the right actions and behaviors for each moment is vital. For Dr. Najoli, maturity has emerged from multicultural, global interactions.
  5. Authenticity – Being a person of integrity and truth is important for an office holder. For Dr. Najoli, authenticity has emerged from embracing wisdom virtues.
  6. Niceness – Being an overall nice person is a crowning jewel of great leadership. For Dr. Najoli, niceness has emerged from listening and valuing others more.
  7. Neighborliness – Being neighborly stems from an inherent belief in the dignity of all people. For Dr. Najoli this has emerged from being inviting and welcoming to others who are different.
  8. Accountability – Given their role as public servants, elected officials must be accountable. For Dr. Najoli this has emerged from seeking and applying feedback that enables personal growth.
  9. Joint problem-solving – As executors of public policy, elected officials must be able to work with others in developing solutions. For Dr. Najoli this has emerged from collaborative partnering with remarkable minds.
  10. Objective & others-oriented – Since they are representatives of a constituency, elected officials must be others-oriented and objective. For Dr. Najoli this has emerged from pursuing good and serving with joy.
  11. Leadership minded focus – Elected officials must have the wisdom of knowing that they are servant-leaders. For Dr. Najoli this has emerged from a daily study of leaders and cultivating integrity.
  12. Inclusive in approach – Officials are elected by diverse communities .and must be inclusive.  For Dr, Najoli this has emerged from developing connection intentionally with people from all walks of life.

Panther Principles

As a leader, Dr. Najoli has gleaned and taught leadership insights from diverse arenas. The movie Black Panther provides a particularly intense and magnified grasp of his deeper political philosophy. There are seven main things that he embraces using the acrostic PANTHER:

P – Pride in heritage as a Black male

T’Challa, King of Wakanda, is comfortable in his African ancestry. He knows who he is. His identity informs his leadership. Herman is comfortable in his Kenyan ancestry. He embraces his identity as an American citizen and being a Hamiltonian (see ‘values’ above) informs his leadership.

A – Accept the mantle of succession

After his father dies, he takes up the mantle with the words of his father T’Chaka ringing in his ears:“It’s hard for a good man to be a king”. His greater concern here is whether he will be a good king as he already knows that he is a good man. Good men do good deeds while kings make hard decisions.

N – Never downplay personal influence

He fights for Wakanda’s ownership rights and control of its resources. The rallying cry of “Wakanda Forever!” is the yearning for joyful self-governance under the protection of a good king with wise control over joint resources. Good influnce rallies people to unite under one banner for common good.

T – Train yourself to be a hero for others

King T’Challa looks out for the disenfranchised. He knows that he is destined to be a warrior. T’Challa models five things: teachable as a successor, rigor in physical combat skills, affection for the people, intelligence in global affairs, and natural leadership wisdom (TRAIN). He becomes a hero for others.

H – Hold all humanity in highest regard

People of all genders and backgrounds are valued throughout the movie. He helps in missions around the world. His key leaders are women. He works with individuals who are not native to Wakanda. He holds all humanity in high regard. As Commissioner, Herman will model such leadership excellence.

E – Embrace the moral duty to serve

T’Challa promises to use the unrivalled capabilities of Wakanda to serve the world with the support of his 16-year old sister – the smartest girl in the world. As a public servant, Herman’s volunteerism spans several decades, continents, states, and sectors. H4H is his embrace of the duty to serve Hamilton County.

R – Respect past kings but …

King T’Challa has visions with his dad and other kings but he reaches a moment where he emphatically tells them, “You were wrong”. At the beginning we see a tender scene where the father-son bond is stellar, but as the new king T’Challa realizes he needs to chart his own path. It is time to move forward, be first, lead!

Our unique legacy theme, exciting vision, ambitious mission, distinctive motto, emblems of belief, remarkable credo, solid disciplines, Hamiltonian values, inspiring qualities, and panther principles form a winning campaign culture that will carry us all the way to the Todd B. Portune Center for County Government. This philosophy will form the bedrock of my administration as the next Commissioner of Hamilton County.

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