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Voter Engagement and Resident Greeting Expeditions

Dr. Najoli’s Voter Engagement and Resident Greeting Expeditions (VERGE) events 2020 are his opportunities to offer insight, listen, learn, and engage with Hamilton County. As an educator, he enjoys the give-and-take of VERGE. In 2020, Friends of Najoli Campaign will host 22 VERGE events spread out across the county. Each of these will be chronicled. This page provides the philosophy of VERGE events 2020. The Najoli campaign is on the verge of bringing about the greatest transformation in Hamilton County history and we want all voters engaged. As a county, we are on the verge of greatness. Let us move forward, be first, and lead.

On the VERGE

22 events

22 locations

11 weeks only!

July 15 to September 25

Wednesdays and Fridays

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On the verge of Herman 4 Hamilton


Voter engagement is the key to ensuring full participation in our democracy. My intrigue with the role of Hamilton County Commissioner first emerged in 2016 when I was invited by friends on the Westside of Cincinnati to a house party for a candidate. In 2018, I decided to petition for signatures to gain ballot access. I fell short of the number required as I had only three months — a very short window for any petition signature collection. However, while petitioning in 2018, I frequently ran into the team of the candidate who eventually won, and later met her to develop a friendship, thus solidifying my thinking.

The next year, 2019, I was appointed to the Hamilton County Tax Incentive Review Commission (TIRC). This was insightful in many ways that I shall detail soon. In April 2019, I decided to start petitioning about a year early (the deadline was March 16, 2020). In interactions with registered voters, I found myself naturally engaging with many. My personality shone. I was able to acquire enough signatures.

On March 17th, 2020, I stood infront of the columns at historic Mt. Echo Park, to announce that I will be on the General Election ballot on November 3rd as the first independent candidate to ever appear on the ballot for County Commissioner. Herman 4 Commissioner is your movement. This is our time. Join us.


On the verge of Herman 4 Commissioner


May this call for change echo throughout Cincinnati and the 49 jurisdictions that make up Hamilton County. From Price Hill to Indian Hill, may this echo resonate. From the far East edges of Terrace Park to the far West reaches of White Water Park, may our echo resound. From the far north county borders of Springdale to the far southern tip of the Central Business District, may our echo ring out. From the village of Springdale to the village of Glendale, we want people to come to the table! It is time for a seismic change! From Golf Manor to Green Township. From Anderson to Avondale, may the echo of this campaign spread out. From Harrison Township to Sycamore Township. From Blue Ash to White Oak. From Oakley to Over-the-Rhine. It is time for change! We want our neighbors from Norwood to Kenwood, from Westwood to Woodlawn, from Sedamsville to Sharonville, from Bridgetown to Finneytown, to all come to the table.


On the verge of Dr. Najoli for Commissioner


Dr. Herman J. Najoli is the most EQUIPPED candidate running for Commissioner. He is an:
Educated supporter, 
Qualified successor, 
Urban settler, 
Independent smarts, 
Public servant, 
Pioneering spirit, 
Engaging soul, and 
Devoted shepherd.

Dr. Najoli’s career as a Public Servant spans several decades, continents, states, and sectors. An author of four books, he holds a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership having completed his dissertation on Wisdom and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Leaders. A winner of the Forty Under 40 Award (September 2015) hosted by the Cincinnati Business Courier for his work with homeless men). Dr. Najoli lives in Price Hill, OH with his wife Danyetta and their two children, nicknamed Champ (14) and Sparkle (10). He enjoys soccer, outdoor tent camping, reading, and traveling. He loves to cook and roots for the Bengals, Reds, FCC Soccer, St William Blue Knights, and St Lawrence Eagles.


K – Knowledgeable

Having invested many years in classrooms, lecture halls, and diverse learning environments, Dr. Najoli knows full well that questions are more important than answers. The honest truth is that answers may vary with time,but questions, framed properly, expose the substance that underlies the answer. Dr. Najoli is ideally equipped to be the next elected Commissioner in Hamilton County… read more.

N – Natural

He is humorous, endearing, responsible, motivational, adventurous, and noble. He enjoys sharing his joy, understanding, mission, beliefs, and aspirations. He celebrates being a navigator in the present, architect of tomorrow, joint problem-solver, outcomes researcher, leader of change, and independent thinker… read more.

O – Organized

Our campaign oozes a vibrant organizational leadership culture. Friends of Najoli possesses an uncommon attitude for multiplying value. This comes from our unique legacy theme, exciting vision, ambitious mission, distinctive motto, emblems of belief, remarkable credo, solid disciplines, Hamiltonian values, inspiring qualities, and panther principles… read more.

W – Wisdom

We are in a new era that requires Wiser Interactions and Social Distance Observation while Mingling (WISDOM). In the wake of Covid-19, and the county’s significant role in public life, Dr. Najoli realizes the need for a social-life model that supports community under the guidelines of a new normal. Join us in this quest… read more.


A leader with Cognitive awareness, Outgoing aesthetics, Managerial affect, Multicultural alignment, Issue agility, Synergistic artistry, Strategic alertness, Inspirational appeal, Organizational acumen, Negotiating attitudes, Educational achievements, and Reflective abilities (COMMISSIONER) for today’s and tomorrow’s Hamilton County.
~ Dr. Herman Najoli for Commissioner 2020.

What Residents are Saying

Signature petitioner at Washington Park:

You are getting all these signatures by yourself? Wow You are amazing. I know you will win!”

Bus rider at 4th/Main Metro Station:

“Dude! You turn it on like that!? You spoke to me in English and just spoke to her in Spanish! That’s what’s up.”

FCC Soccer Player and Cincy resident:

“You will be on the ballot! Impressive! That’s pure heart right there. Let me know what I can do to help.”

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