Your CHOICE in 2021

Your CHOICE in 2021:

C – Choose character and service over corruption and selfishness

H – Honor above-the-table leaders over under-the-table dealers

O – Opt for a one-term difference maker over career politicians

I – Insist on voting for Herman – a regular citizen

C – Cast your vote for Dr. Najoli – an outstanding educator

E – Elect Dr. Herman Najoli Mayor – the innovative outsider

What does leadership mean?

What does leadership mean? How can our city move forward, overcome resistance, and make a complete break from the culture of corruption that is swallowing us? We gained momentum against it last year. Which candidate can sustain The Big Mo? Here’s my primer and video below:

Make a CHOICE to ACT today for new leadership

Accelerate what’s EPIC

Cincinnati faces an epic choice at the ballot in 2021. Let us not miss this ebullient, participatory, inspirational, yet consequential (epic) moment in history. How shall we rise in the face of tremendous shaking? Accelerate simply means to move quickly. Let us advance this campaign. Donate today to help us magnify our visibility in the community.

Connect and CARE

Cincinnati has an opportunity to pursue the goal of being a First Class City in 2021. Let us embrace this moment with the conscience, alertness, responsiveness, and earnestness (care) that demonstrates our character. Connect simply means to establish relationships. I am for bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to care for our city.

Target what’s NICE

The Queen City was once the chief port on the Ohio River and the largest city in the Midwest prior to the civil war. We have a noble, inspiring, charming, and enlivening (nice) future ahead. Target simply means to select areas of focus. Let us utilize all our faculties to target resources on being citizens who know their obligations as we shape tomorrow for our children.

ACT today by donating to this campaign

Come to the Table

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